Monday, July 02, 2007

Have You Seen Me?

i don't feel much like writing right now.
friday night was a normal friday night. i came home from work, ms. m freaked & climbed all over me. i loved her up & scratched her head. mr. p screached, flew to me & i played the kissie game with him, scratched his head & loved him up. the kids arrived, we gave them bathes. mr. p tried to steal my food & ms. m begged. it was a normal night.
he woke me singing saturday morning around 9.
jammer & i got out of bed at 10:15 & i fixed his bowl of cereal. i sat down & expected mr. p to come flying over for our morning ritual of kissie games & pretty birds. but he didn't come. i searched the house over because, of course, nobody had thought about the bird.
right now, my heart is breaking cos mr. p is gone. i can't find him anywhere in the house. i've whistled till i'm blue in the face. i've searched the neighborhood. i've been up & down the roads calling for him, whistling for him & doing his 'andy griffith' song to no avail. i've talked to so many people in the neighborhood & nobody has seen him. i have signs up at the mailboxes & the local grocery store. we've moved his cage to the yard with his mirror facing up towards the sun so it'll shine to catch his attention. i've put lettuce out & bread, his favorites.
i'm not going to work. i'll start again in the morning just in case.
mr. p is gone.
please god, let him find his way home safely.
i love you, peepers.


ML said...

Oh I hope you find him Lindy. My cockatiel got out one time when the front door was open while we were unloading shopping. I grabbed his little mirror and ran a mile across a field after him. Luckily he got so tempted by his little mirror he came back down. I hope you can catch sight of Mr P so you can do the same.

Walker said...

Oh my I hope you find him soon. Could he be locked up in a closet or something like that by mistake?

I know what its like to worry. Pets become so integrated in our lives and its hard to go a day without them.

Walker said...

I hope you have found Mr. P. and are watching the fireworks together
Happy Forth Of July