Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Have You Ever?

do you ever just feel like you want to curl up in a ball, stay in bed, cry your tear ducts dry & just let the year pass by? not have to open your eyes or contend with anything that might be going on around you? not have to hear anything, see anything or feel anything for the duration? thats how i feel right now. i think about my baby bird out there all alone & i can't do anything to find him or help him. i think about the cold rain he's possibly enduring every time i look up into the sky & see the dark clouds coming. i think about the sneezes that will come from the cold he'll catch from being in the rain. i think about whether or not he's found food or someone to feed him. if he's starving to death or has already. did he fly into a glass or a car? has a bigger bird attacked him & he just laid until he died in pain? i just can't help but feel useless and hurting for my bird that may be hurting too. being useless would anyone miss me for the year? cos i'm gonna miss him for many years to come. may god keep him safe & bring him home to us soon.


ML said...

It always seems easier to think negatives when you're upset about something. He could well be having the time of his life Lind. Afterall he's not stupid, he'll know food when he sees it, there are a lot of seeds around this time of year, plenty of bird feeders hanging around and he'll see other birds feeding. Its also quite likely that he's been picked up by someone and is being well looked after. He had a 50/50 chance and either way its gone for him it must feel wonderful to fly around in the open air. Try to think positively - you'd have felt much worse if you had to watch him get really old and sick and helplessly watch him die. I've done that with my birds and its awful. The best thing you can do is get another one to spoil :-) CHIN UP GAL!

Walker said...

All you could do is hope that wheere he is he will be safe and taken care of.
It took me a week to find Sammy once and Zeus was gone for a month. Both were taken in by peoplel who cared for them very well, maybe MrP is making someone else happy as he did you once.

Lindy said...

Thanks, you are great support for a grieving heart. I know I will never give up looking for him & I'll never stop listening for him but your both probably right. He has had a wonderful time & is right now just as safe as he was here. My sister says he even got some nookie while he was out. I think I will adopt another bird for his empty cage though. I just miss having that companionship.