Thursday, July 12, 2007

Somethings Out There

and it ain't good. i'm seriously wondering what is going on these days. somethings out to get me. of course, whether or not 'it' realizes there could be almost no better way to get me than through my animals. barring my grandchildren...there is almost no greater pain than seeing an animal hurt or mistreated. taking my baby bird away from me is as good as abusing him. he needs my love & i need his. every morning, if i didn't get out of bed at a reasonable time, he let me know just how much he wanted my love & attention by screaming for me. he would wake me no matter what it took.
i've been to so many sites telling me the habits of cockatiels but man, no 2 birds are exactly the same & mr. p was proof of that. he was awake at all times of the day demanding attention or food & flying through the house like a mad bird on a mission. he would whiz through here like a bolt of lightning! don't tell me he won't be singing at 6pm as often as he would at sundown. i lived with him...i know.
on my way to work this morning everyone & their brother was in slow mode. when i hit the parkway i thought it would pick up. every other day the light changes & before you can take a breath the cars are gone. like the snap of a finger you're left in the dust. not today. no way, of course, could it be because i was running late, that everyone seemed to be taking their good ole sweet time. so i pulled out of the 35 mile an hour moving traffic into the fast lane thinking to myself that the joke was on them cos i was gonna be that dot on the horizon leaving them in the dust for a change. to my amazement i saw another car a few lengths back with the same idea. 35, 40, 45...oh shit.. thats a cop. as big as life in my rearview there was a cop picking up speed right behind me. thank god, i hadn't hit the 60 miles an hour i was shooting for cos the limit is only 50. but he knew what i was up to cos he stayed right behind me the entire time i was on the parkway. fucking cop. who do they think they are to pace us? you'd think it was their job or something.
well, i got through that one without a ticket but going through the city i had another cop tailing me almost all the way. what do they do? call ahead to have someone else pick up where they left off? yeah, i know they do cos he was obviously watching for me. what do i have a bright red sticker across my ass saying this one is our target today. well, my car is red. think thats a clue? the next test was at one intersection i usually take this kinda zig zag pattern to hit the street that takes me straight to work. i've always wondered if it was legal to take that pattern cos you cross another parkway..a 4 lane parkway then immediately turn back a sharp right. it doesn't feel legal so i figured it probably isn't. but today the cop behind me just went on his way & let me go. guess i was wrong but i used all the right signals, maybe that was what softened him. that would have been their chance if they were gonna get me. i felt grateful when i finally got to work without a $60.00 + ticket.
i'd forgotten about all my close encounters when i left work. cruising along on my way home i hit the scenic route. i wasn't speeding at the time just kinda tooling along mostly watching the skies for my bird. i did notice the van that came across 2 of the 4 lanes to take the left going the same direction i was going. i did notice the car in front of me turn into the same turning lane to make the left from where the van came from. i did get this funny feeling i should watch the van cos it didn't seem to be stopping. and sure enough the idiot pulled right out in front of me. i slammed on my brakes & blared my horn at the idiot as they swerved back over into a ditch to keep me from hitting them. my question is where the hell are the cops when you really need one?


Walker said...

At the donut shop hitting on a teenage girl

There never is a cop around when you need one.
Murphy's Law

Lindy said...

Hahahahahah, I hadn't thought of that one. But you're right. Theres never one when you need them. Thanks for the laugh. I needed that.