Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Suckage At The Super Market

and i really do. suck that is. i can't do shopping in a hurry. it drives me crazy to have to fly through & not compare prices, poundage & goodness. hubby wants to make a list, go straight to what we need, pay for it & get the hell out. i just can't do it. i don't think i was created that way. i've tried the list thingy for him. i take my list & head into the store with every intention of just going straight to the aisle i need, picking up said item, adding it to my cart & moving on. somewhere between what i just picked up & heading for the next item i always get waylaid. damn krogers for knowing this about me. they know exactly where to place that strawberry jelly right at the end of the aisle of spagetti. the spagetti i need but the jelly, who needs 3 jars of jelly? one in the fridge, one in the cupboard & the one in my hand? and damn wal-mart all together. i shop there mainly for things i know i will never return because i've had the shittiest luck with wal-mart products & whatever their return policy is. but i still get coerced into buying something i didn't want. and as luck would have it the damn thing breaks within a few days. i've never taken anything back to wal-mart that they gladly returned or gave me a replacement for. most times i walk back out of the store carrying the same damn broken product cos they thought of some new way to harrass me, of course, pissing me off to the point i just walk away. someday i will burn that store down. and that fire, i'll start with all the crap i bought from them that they wouldn't return. bbbwwwaaahhaa. i'll get them. evil stores. all of them. except family dollar. such a cheap little store & they are soooo easy to get along with. i love dollar stores. thats a store i could spend my entire day in cos they have so much cool stuff stuck everywhere. i can go through a dollar store one day. come back the next day & see a whole rack of something i missed on my previous trip. i get absolutely giddy. the whole time grump is standing over me glaring. i don't understand why he can't enjoy my enjoyment. revel in my revelations. just fucking get off my back & let me have fun. its a cheap store & i want to find treasures!
speaking of treasures. we just bought the harry potter book. i had jammer carry it in & as soon as the groceries were put away, hubby grabbed the book & i haven't seen his face in 3 days. damn, i should be shopping.


Walker said...

I pick and choose when I go shopping.
In fact I know exactly where i am going and for what because i have looked at all the flyers and am ready to rock and roll.
Irf IU could trim fifty bucks off the months food bill then I could use that money on something important that I have gone without or put it on a nagging bill.

I am waiting for all the books to be published, then I will get them all and read until they are all done, no waiting.

Have a nice day

ML said...

Hey Lindy - I thought of you today. I was sat at my desk at work with the window open when suddenly I heard a cockatiel squarking outside. The familiar little squarks, each about 5 seconds apart got louder and then further away. I ran outside to see if I could see it but it seemed to stay out of sight behind the building. After about 10 minutes of this going on it let out several 'angry' sounding squarks and then went quiet - it sounded like someone caught it! Could Mr P have made it 4000 miles across the pond to visit aunt ML?

Lindy said...

Well, Walker, she says she's finished writing this series. Maybe its time to start reading?
ML, if you catch him I'll come visit you. Wouldn't that be wild?