Monday, September 24, 2007

North To Mr. P

i received an email sunday morning telling me that someone thought they found mr p. i had 2 kids so i called sonny to find out when he was coming to pick them up. if at all possible i wanted to get up there right away & maybe bring my baby home. he had too many things on his plate to come early though so i had to wait to check it out.

i made the trip on monday. leaving from work & going an hour north with a few directions & a map from google. no matter how i routed it i was doing at least a 3 hour roundtrip. traffic was horrendous but i made it in one piece. only to be very disappointed.

although it was a beautiful cockatiel it wasn't my baby. the people were very nice & let me approach the bird alone in case we freaked him out. i knew as soon as i laid eyes on him that he wasn't mr p. this bird was much bigger & more brightly colored than my bird. he was a pretty bird & it was fun to play with a tiel again. every bird has its own personality. this little guy was no different. he had cute little things he did including parts of the andy griffith song but just different parts than peepers.

my heart is broken. i want my baby back so bad i can almost hear his whistles as i nod off to sleep at night. when i hear the martins outside in the morning i immediately think of peepers. they mock him. only he's not here to mock anymore.

i've tried not to get my hopes up but i just can't help but pray in the back of my mind 'please, let this be him'. i don't know if i can keep this up. everytime i get a little excited cos someone thinks they may have mr p i get disappointed. i keep thinking my tear ducts will eventually quit producing but thats not happening either.

everytime i sit down to this computer & scroll through the pics of lost or found birds it starts all over again. my heart breaks for all those birds out there that will never be returned to its rightful owner due to selfish people that just decide to keep them or people that don't have access to a computer or even know where to begin to find their lost bird. if i ever get rich i think i'll make it my personal feat to make a rolling aviary. collect all the birds that have been found & travel from place to place & let people see the birds in the hopes that i can bring their baby home to them.



Walker said...

I am sorry it wasn't MrP and you had to go that far to find it out but you did get to play with one of his cousins and remember what it was to play with him.

I know you will keep looking and one day you may find what you are looking for :)