Monday, June 30, 2008

All In The Family

nippers birthday was sunday & we took some flowers out of our garden to be planted on her hill from hell. we did a little cookout while we were there. sonny & honey joined us so they could get jammer without coming all the way to our house. about half way for both of us. my sperm donor lives right up the hill from nipper & on our way out nipper looked at me with an all knowing look & said, 'you should stop in & see dad. lin, dad is 70...70. you should stop in'. yeah, you know i did. i was almost sorry i did. we talked health issues mostly. he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer so they injected 'seeds' to cure the cancer. they told him that he would die of old age way before the cancer ever killed him but he wanted to do what he could to extend that, just in case, & had the seed thingy done. well, the seeds caused another problem. which one of us saw that coming? is there ever a fix that doesn't cause other problems? in his case the seeds caused a tumor on his colon. not cancerous, thankfully, but another aggravation. now he's doing oxygen treatments to kill the tumor. he has to have 3 hours of oxygen administered daily & i think this has been about 30 treatments. its called hyperbaric oxygen therapy. while talking about all this i mentioned my newly discovered diabetes & he started telling me about his brother & sister who have also been diagnosed with diabetes & that they told him his blood count was a tad high & should be watched. this is kind of scaring me cos where i didn't have a family history of this shit now all of a sudden it looks like maybe there is a family history. they're all older than me & just being diagnosed but what does that mean to my son & grandchildren? its happening younger & younger in our family. my dad being the youngest in his siblings with me being the next in age.
i researched the list of drugs my doctor gave me for controlling diabetes & everyone of them has side effects that sound worse than the diabetes itself. i'm looking at my only choice being to lose the weight, exercise & eat right cos the idea of having a metformin causing heart disease or cancer isn't really all that appealing to me. one of the meds he listed, avandia, already has a law suit against it. like i'm gonna go with that one, huh? i'm thinking he doesn't know me very well cos he couldn't have believed i was actually gonna look this shit up & say, 'ok, i'll kill me with these two'. i think not!! i think instead i'm gonna do a lot of swimming & take hubby up on his offer to walk the neighborhood with me. i also have the nordic track. between all my exercise options & the chicken diet i should be good to go. i love my beef but i think thats one of the first things to go. also my diet soda has to go. the beer definitely. cigarettes are on the list too, but i know i can't lose all my bad habits at once so i'll take them one at a time.
i have 3 months before i go back to the dr. if you're willing to give me hell to keep me on track... go for it. i'm open to constructive criticism.
together we can all save my life.
thanks in advance.


Walker said...

Its a wonder how the meds they give us today make us healthy before they kill us.

Maybe the injected grapefruit seeds in him :D

I find as people get older it becomes a ailment contest wiuth the looser being the winner in the end