Friday, November 21, 2008

Living The Blessed Life

i do have a guardian angel. she watches over me every day of my life. a perfect example of this was wednesday when my brakes went out on a hill. i was coming up to a light & hit my brakes to stop but nothing happened. all i could think was oh shit!!! my heart went clear up to my throat then dropped to my feet. i was so scared so fast i thought i was gonna pass out. my head actually felt woozy. that can't be good for my heart. i pulled into the parking lane & (thank god there was no cars) coasted to a stop. if i'd been going any faster i'd probably be dead right now. i called hubby & told him what happened so he wouldn't worry about me. i was definitely gonna be late. i had just had my back brakes changed over the weekend. we had backed the car up several times & slammed on the brakes to adjust them. little did we know that the bleeder pin had snapped in the process. it had been leaking brake fluid all over the place. something i hadn't noticed until after the fact. now, everywhere i go that i've been parking in i'm seeing dark spots all over the ground. including my own fucking driveway. how could nobody notice that? hubby walks out through the driveway everyday to go with his dad. wouldn't you have thought seeing the wet spots might have dawned on him that something was leaking? i think if i'd walked through without the car parked there i would have noticed. since i'm a creature of habit i always park in the same place & therefore the spots were always under the car. i hate to think i have to get down on the ground & look from now on to make sure there aren't new wet marks but by golly, i guess thats what i'm gonna be doing for at least the next few weeks. i kinda value my life like that.


Walker said...

WOW there is someone looking out for you and I;m happy they are.
Its the only thing I don;t touch, brakes.
I am paranoid about it and always take the car to a garage.
If they break at least i know who to kill after.

Tammi said...

How feakin scarey goose!!
I had that happen a long time ago and I'll never forget that helpless feeling! I KNEW the brakes were going out,so being the genius I am,of course,I decided to use the emergency brake....and THAT went out too and I just kept-a-rollin'!!
I'm just so glad to hear that you are OK,babe.You didn't mention who did your brakes.A shop?Hubby?
Cuz if a shop did that---whoa nelly! I'd be hot on their ass,matter of fact,I'd drive my car up their ass with no brakes!!
No...heck no...your ticker DOES NOT need this sort of s****!!!
I'm so glad the kiddo's weren't with you or you may have had a bad spell for sure with your heart.
Geez...I'm sorry to say...but I do the same thing u do as far as parking in the same spot...but you'd think someone else that DON'T park there would have noticed the BIG ASS spot in the drive where all the fluid drained vout for cripes sake!
uuGH! That just makes my ticker tick faster my OWN self.
dannnnnng it!
The BIG MAN sure was looking over you when you were able to coast to a stop instaed of coasting up someone's a***,huh?