Saturday, November 01, 2008


they were playing on the jungle gym. they decided to play catch but ix was the only girl in the mix & the boys tended to chase each other rather than pay attention to her. she did everything in her power to get the boys attention. which is normal for ixxie. she loves to have the boys chase her. pappaw says she'll be pregnant by the time she's 12. i'm beginning to believe he may be on to something.
hey, yooouuuu caaaan'tttt caaatch meeee! (in a sing-song kind of voice)
hey, iii'vvve gooot your guuun! (again with the sing-song voice)
hey, catch me!! (rather demanding voice)
hey, i'm faster than you, naaanner, naaanner!!
hey, dickhead!!!!!
Jungle Gym: $150.00
land payment: $312.00
look on her face when she realized Pappaw was standing in the doorway watching her every move: PRICELESS
where do they learn this shit? when i asked her she said 'the kids at school yell it all the time'.
when asked if she didn't know better than to call another kid a dickhead? 'yeah, but i didn't know you were listening'.
what to do?
i think i need to invest in dish liquid....for mouth washing. thats what my mom would've done to me.


Walker said...

Well, she is attention DIVA lol