Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Precious

most dogs are good dogs they're just majorly misunderstood. everybody knows a puppy is gonna chew & an old dog is gonna sleep. the old saying that you can't teach an old dog new tricks just isn't true. you can teach an old dog new tricks, if you're very patient, but the problem with that is their brain is so feeble that for every new trick they learn an old one might escape out the holes in their head.
i've told the story of ms. m many times over. she's a sweet dog especially considering the start to life she had. she does the normal, sit, stay, lay tricks. one of her speciality tricks is giving high fives. something i've taught almost every dog i've ever owned. its a cute trick & i love it.
one of the cutest things she does is when she wants to beg for something she steals your heart by high fiving at you. she just starts waving her paw in the air while she stares at whatever food you have. something else i think is adorable is when she wants 'lovins' she comes to me & bends her head down for kisses. i kiss her on the top of the head & she's happy. i'm not sure but i think she learned that from mr. p. he always laid his head against my cheek until i turned to kiss him. he could take kisses all day long. ms. m gives me the impression she knows when hubby & i are arguing, too. i swear the dog speaks english. the other day, hubby & i were in a heated discussion & he was getting under my skin. i was getting pretty upset & said to her, 'mousey go over there & lick daddys ass for me'. she walked over to him & politely licked him across the face. i'm telling ya the dog knows her english better than i do. or she knows something about body anatomy i don't. or she considers him as much an ass as i do. whatever! good girl.


Walker said...

We assume that we can learn english and animals don't. My cat doesnt do ant tricks but when i talk to him, he knows what I am saying.
My dog Sammy was the same way.
He knew what we were saying and if we were going shopping or to the beer store he knew by the conversation and was dancing around the room.