Tuesday, November 04, 2008

To The End

well, all thats left is the counting. hooraaayyyy! i don't think i've ever been so glad to see an election end. this one has been long & brutal. all the slurs & kniving going on with the commercials. shheesshh. right now we're watching a neil young 'heart of gold' tape. i'm just bored enough with the election that i'll wait till all the votes are counted to find out who the new president is.
yes, i did my voting today. did you? not being politically inclined i just did my voting & got the hell out of dodge. some of my co-workers & friends took it all a few
steps farther than that. to the point of not making it to appointments, meetings & work. hell one of them got to work & had to go home cos they were so hung over. lets face it...if you have to spend more time in the bathroom than at your don't need to be there & you've probably overdone it a tad.
i hope the next 4 years go as well as that vote went for him. he's got a major job ahead of him. and my money. i hope i can keep more than he decides to give away. so, here's to our new president!!! may he be a good one. with the reports i've heard hopefully he'll live through the next 4 years. i don't want to sound like a crazy but wouldn't that be a shame?
PS...did i mention what a historical event this all was? WOW!


Walker said...

Yes it was a long and brutal ecection. We don't have all of that stuff.
40 days and its over.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Obama got in over that other facist, hamster cheeked woman hater. I think the whole world breathed a sigh of relief over that result.

Tammi said...

Yup...this sure was a wild election.I don't mean to steer the topic in another direction...but you have to admit...the Saturday Night Live stuff was friggin hilarious,huh? Especially the Palin impressions!lol
Let me tell you what's odd.As far as THIS county...SMITH COUNTY (Texas)....I read in the newspaper that McCain got 69% of the votes.Wierd,huh?
Hoping all is well on your end.Your gona wanna choke me when you read what I done Sunday.

Tammi said...

Here's an old "Hee-Haw" song for ya.
"Where O where are u tonight...why did u leave me here all alone?I searched the world over and thought I found true met another and &^%#@*& you were gooooonnnnne".