Sunday, October 02, 2005

Wrapping Up

why was i so worried? man, i felt great at that reunion. my hair turned out perfect, without coloring it, my makeup went on like i was an expert, my outfit looked great & i dressed just like i had planned the whole thing. i recognized people easily. i was so shocked at how big some of the pretty little girls had gotten & how pretty the geeking little girls had gotten. the guys were pretty much the same. those that flirted then still flirted. others that didn't flirt so well then had learned. it was fun. we danced & talked & partied just like we had all been together just yesterday. the only thing missing was the next years graduates cos alot of them had married them & divorced. i barely survived that process.
which brings me to the next part of the night that was so cool. remembering & being reminded of things we had done. i laughed so hard at things i had forgotten. the first time petey had kissed me in the 3rd grade & how red we got when everybody looked. me accidentely hitting ray in the nose, playing ball just when he was getting ready to ask me to go steady. meeting joey when we were like 2 & then later in our lives becoming neighbors again. the time joey got the hard on when i kissed him. which freaked us all out. cos everybody saw that too. jimmy talked about us depantsing tommy & tommy talked about getting even by sleeping with his wife. hubby acted like my best friend was his greatest love & when she didn't know who he was he acted rejected until he fessed up & told her he was my husband. she said 'i knew i wouldn't have forgotten someone like you. stinker.' her hubby & mine became best of friends & proceeded to get drunk together. making it their job to take the rest of us with them. someone insisted on doing the electric slide & the whole room got up & joined in.
the topper to the evening was when we all got ready to leave. hubby & mike had crashed a few parties when they got bored with ours & us wives weren't looking. they came back time & time telling us about this guitar player that rocked. so on the way out, we stopped by to listen to the last song. standing in the middle of that stage, playing that ass kicking guitar was my ex. belting out 'free ride' to the crowd going crazy. he waved when he saw me. i waved back & said to my hubby 'lets go'. what a small, small world after all.
later gaters.


Rainex said...

Glad your night was
so cool and turned out