Saturday, October 08, 2005

Who's Going Down?

how does spammers get blog sites in their program? aren't they automated? to me thats just crazy. i hate to have to use the word thingy in my comments but the spamming isn't what i want. how long before they figure out a way around it, anyway? thats the thing with computers there's always gonna be someone out there that can write a new program to get around everything. i wish i was that good with computers. I can get them up & running from a 'bsod' but programming is lost on me.
something else, that bitch 'madame smerinoff' has got to die. does anyone know where i can find her? cos if this mother fucker hits my grandkids one more time...i'm taking a cast iron skillet to his head & i ain't going alone. she's going down with us.
no, he isn't hurting them but there's better ways to teach a kid something then always smacking on them. whatever happened to just plain talking to kids. sonny & i talked about everything. even when he was in trouble...we still talked about it & sometimes, i asked him to tell me what he thought his punishment should be.
they all have a great grip on vocabulary. they are well spoken kids. yeah, they sometimes have a tendency to go deaf. at will. but smack me to get my attention & all you're gonna get is one mad bitch that isn't gonna listen to you, for sure, now. i'm gonna be planning evil little things to be getting back at you for smacking my hand or butt.
you lose.