Sunday, October 16, 2005

I Wish I Wish

this weekend we only had 3 grandkids. ixxie spent the weekend somewhere else. the 3 little ones get along so well when she isn't in the mix. we all went to the park & played for a couple hours yesterday. nobody got in trouble. nobody pushed anyone down. nobody had to be the first one in line, every time. nobody had to have a time out. they all just played & laughed. at one point a heavy set little girl climbing through the tubes yelled she was stuck. jammer went to her & pulled her till she fell free. she kept calling him her big man after that. he was so proud of himself. he kept asking her if she was all right. now that i think about it i can't remember anyone falling down. maybe their gracelessness has something to do with ixxie's absence.
ixxie is a holy (or unholy) terror. she's big for her age so she towers over the others & outweighs them by about 25 pounds so she kinda pushes everyone else around. she's bossy too. which really makes me mad cos she isn't the one to be disciplining anyone.
can you tell i don't mind when she doesn't come to visit? i'm trying hard not to treat her differently than the others but its hard to do when she's always so mean to everyone.
have i mentioned that she's hit her teacher twice? she tells everyone 'no' & wants to know 'why she has to do what she's told'. oh, yeah, she flipped her teacher off 2 times. she doesn't learn this stuff at home people. she learns it at school. then she comes home & shares it with the babies.
i wish sonny would find a good woman with no kids of her own. i'm ready for our world to be much happier. you know what they say? be careful what you wish for. honestly, i'm not sure it could get any worse. with honey being the psycopath she is & her daughter the meanass she is. where's the downside? at least my grandson will keep the rest of his teeth until they're ready to fall out. and no more twins will get bit by a snake being man handled by a crazy little girl & her mother.
aahh, yes, i wish.


Rainex said...

Ixxie sounds a bit
disturbed to me-
sounds like a little
cry for help. You know-
'notice me'. I hear what
you are saying though,
hope you get the good
times soon.

ML said...

Yeah its no wonder shes acting that way when she's seen her mother do it so many times.

She needs a visit from Supernanny!
(I dont know if you get that there or not Lindy -

Lindy.. The Alien Keeper said...

Hahaha Hahahah Hahahaha!!! Ladies thats the hardest I've laughed in quite a while. Yeah, you both get it...she needs help & I love to watch Supernanny!!!