Thursday, October 20, 2005

Curiosity Kills More Than The Cat

man is it me or does blogspot have a lot of problems? i just lost another post & yeah, they have a recover button but if you haven't saved your post at least once it won't bring anything up. for those of us that just sit down & start typing that does me no good.
so i'll start over. damn it.
i was telling you all how i love reading blogs
i love to just randomly click on blogs to read. i like to go to my favorites & check out their links. something i found that amazes me though, is how i can find a blog randomly (by using the next site at the top) & read their links to find something i read all the time. if there are thousands of blogs out there how do we all find the same ones to read. is it just me or is that pretty bizaare?
better than that how do i find a specific blog? one i know about..just none of the specifics of the blog. i'll tell you why i ask. i have a boss at work that blogs. he's told me he updates it fairly regular (but not about work). he doesn't use his name..but who of us do?..and that i'd never find it. well, it makes me curious that he would say this to me. it felt like a challenge. like he dared me to find it. i said it couldn't be that hard cos i figure if he post regularly & he works the same hours i do then his chance to blog would be the same time i would be blogging (not about work). then he said i'd never know it was him. but he posts pictures (not about work) of a dog i gave him & a wife i know. i think he's wrong. i think i can find him. my best clue is he's a tarheel fan, i know where he hails from, where he works (even if he doesn't blog about work) where he lives & how many apartments he's had. hell, i even know what his favorite foods are & what he's allergic to.
so my new project is to find his blog. i don't need ammo against him, for once, i actually like this guy. he's a hell of a boss & always seems to care about his crew. yeah, he forgets to clue us in sometimes but he's a busy guy. they actually have him doing the job of 2 full time employees just like the rest of us & always looking for more work they can add to his job description. i kinda feel sorry for him. i said kinda cos he makes alot more money at his job than i do. but i really want to find him. any suggestions will be appreciated.
something else i want to ask. will i ever get over being tickled by these kids? i have to go right now cos the twins are telling me how their mommy is upset. something about crying & kevin & taking her heart away. this i have to find out about. nosey? nooo, i'm a concerned grandparent. yeah, right.. my curiosity gets the best of me. you know i lost a job over this once but thats another story.


tammi said...

whta great blog!!
I also like to see what other people do with their lives by reading other only excuse may differ from yours,though...It just doesn't seem like MY own life has ever been too "normal"(whatever the heck NORMAL is) ha ha what I do is check out what other people do with their time...and sometimes find an idea or 2 on what to do w/ MY own extra time.Seems as though work hasn't given me any extra time to do anything I can only read about it....IF I have time to even do that!! ha ha
Great blog,btw.

Rainex said...

Lindy where are
you? Hope you are