Thursday, October 13, 2005


mojo & the twins met us at the zoo today. i haven't seen them in almost 3 weeks. i've missed them so i called mojo & arranged to get together today. we had fun. mojo showed up with so much makeup on that it was running off her face after the first hill. why do women think they have to put on all that war paint to walk the zoo? and funnier than that is the women that wear 6 inch spike heels to try & walk around. it's hilarious the way some people show up for visiting a bunch of animals in cages. (or maybe its the animals not in the cages they dress for) but the place is beautiful & there's lots to see & do. even people watching is part of the experience.
with the weather changes the colors of the trees are looking beautiful. all the wild animals are busy gathering for winter so the squirrels & chipmonks were everywhere & that tickles the kids almost as much as seeing the tigers & bears. easily amused aren't i?
i get such a kick out of the kids. they're so good together. if one falls the other runs over to brush her off. believe me, gracefull they are not. so, someone is always falling. they tell everyone they see 'hi' & sometimes 'i love it'. but they never meet a stranger.
well, thats about all i've got for this week.
see ya later