Sunday, December 11, 2005

Aliens AWAY!!

2 times!!! 2 weeks in a row! this will never happen again. all except one alien went visiting abnormal earthlings!! and this is the first time we've had just jammer for 2 weekends in a row. we've had a blast. we had snow ball fights, made snow angels, (yes, i hate snow but i love my grandson) tried to build a snowman, which flopped, ate clementines, had hot chocolate heavy on the marshmellows, put up xmas lights, tree & ornaments! we've played star wars & batman, & memaws little baby (my favorite game cos he climbs up in my lap & wahh, wahh's like a little baby so i can rock him & calm him like the little upset baby he plays.) we've colored & said abc's, drew pictures & made ornaments. its so fun having just him. i love the twins but seriously, having 3 kids coming at you all at once is a little overwhelming. let alone the 4th over demanding child that is the ixxie. all that at once makes you just want to pull out your hair. i can't make them understand that they'll get more attention if they come at you one at a time. they can't seem to grasp that concept. its like if they don't all talk at once maybe you'll keep your sanity & that is just not allowed.
did you notice i've figured out my links thingy? thats how cool its been to have just jammer. i've had time for my brain to be calm enough for a given stretch of time that it could focus on one thing & accomplish each thing it focused on.
except saving the world & getting hubby on a reasonably sober path. what cha gonna do? i can't do everything in a few weeks. unlike god it takes me alot longer than 7 days to create any kind of scenario. and then like god i think my time does not measure to his time.
night all.