Monday, December 19, 2005

What To Do?

this past weekend we had 2 aliens. mojo has pissed sonny off & is taking him to court. here it is christmas & the bitch wants more money. guess the 297.00 a week wasn't making her new beau happy enough. she's asking to increase his support to 412.00 a week. how is a guy supposed to live & pay his child support at that rate with a new family & house payment? poor jammer may never have anything if this woman keeps this up. they have sonny owing $11,000 from birth to date. she passed these girls off as her husbands kids for 2 1/2 years so he would support her & them. now if another man paid for their keep for that time how can they go back to birth on sonny? i just don't understand how she can do this. i mean if he owes back child support shouldn't it be to the man that was taken by this woman & not paid to her. she's coming out way on top here. i feel sorry for both these men & god help anyone else she takes for a ride. guys be warned....keep your pants on. don't forget sonny used a rubber & still produced twins. her rubber that is. a little hint....if you do bed her at least bring your own rubbers. hers don't work so well.
on to new things. we took the 2 aliens to the light show at the zoo on sunday. we had a great time. we took them to have pics taken with santa too. at the zoo the train conductor let them blow the horn & make the choo choo noise. i think they would have gone home with him if he's promised they could always do that. they thought that was the shit. jammer walked around shaking everyones hand & introducing himself. 'hi, i'm jammer. who are you?' forward little alien just planning his takeover in another few years. he ain't fooling me. damn, if he doesn't have the personality to do it too. everybody just thinks he's so cute. if they only knew.
not much going on here. i've still got shopping to do & i don't have a clue what to get some of the people on my list. my step mom is one of the hardest to buy for. not that she's not easy to please but she has everything. last year i bought her & her hubby a charger for their cell phone that worked in the car. since they've gotten the place in florida i thought this would be a good idea beings they may get stuck in a hurricane or something & be without electricity for awhile. i doubt if she even has it in her car. it's probably still in the box sitting in a closet. i think i'll buy gas cards for everyone. who can't use a gas card right?
no....that sucks.
gotta go think about this some more.
have a good night.


Rainex said...

Have a lovely Xmas
you and your aliens