Thursday, December 29, 2005

Xmas Go Bye-Bye

& real soon, lindy go too. xmas is over. breath... it was a very good time had by all & jammer loved his gifts. i can't begin to tell you all the toys he got. i don't even remember one outfit he got. just gobs & gobs of toys. we went from our house to my sisters house & had the same mess all over. i know hubby & i went through about a dozen rolls of wrapping paper & that ain't counting the bags we had. at one point we actually lost the tape for a few days. lost it. not misplaced it. lost it in the mess. i knew it was right there but finding it took 2 days.
we had the twins last weekend for their xmas. so it had to all be done over. i knew i'd had enough when i slept till 3 monday afternoon.
jammer helped us put the tree up. he added the ornaments & garland. hubby put up every strand of lights we had so there were blinking, chasing, twinkling, & solid lights everywhere. we'll leave the lights up stretching out through new year... it adds to the festive look. besides with my birthday right around the corner i like the lights to help me remember i'm young.... who loves the lights better than any! cos i'm young, dammit! putting them up did not pull a thousand & one muscles in my back & i could stand up & dance around immediately. no, really. ok, go ahead & laugh. you'll be alright as soon as you get that sight out of your head.
and now that its all over....i'm so tired..tired...
my body feels like jello with a brain like hamburger. ran through a meat grinder...hamburger.
tired...i don't want to think. i don't want to dress. i don't want to do anything except sleep. i need a winter vacation. too bad hubby just got laid off. thats not gonna help me financially. not to mention how much more drained my hamburger brain will be with him home all day. today, he watched cable. hour after hour of nothing but cable tv. do you know all the things he recites to me when he watches too much news & shit? yes, in my book its mostly shit. but he regurgitates it all back at me in the 4 hours i have before i go to bed. he follows me around the house to tell me stats on ballplayers i've never heard of. or speed times on car races i have no idea about. like i care? make it stop already.
the worst part??? this is only day one of his layoff. and the 3 day of the new year.
god help me.