Friday, December 09, 2005

Strokes In The Snow

yesterday marked the first day of hell season this year for me. we got our first big snow storm. have i ever mentioned how i hate to drive in the snow? i love to stay inside & look out at it. its beautiful to look at. i can even handle playing in it for awhile but driving in snow just freaks me the fuck out. when jammer was born sonny called me the day before & said they were going to induce labor first thing in the morning so i needed to get there asap (did i ever tell you that jammer had to be taken c-section, butt first?) it had been snowing for days then & we had a foot of frozen, icy snow everywhere. sonny lived in an old place down a country road that winded & twisted every which way. the road ran the entire crest of a hill with all the homes downhill off the road. i think i had my first stroke that night. trying to drive to his place on that foot of ice at the top of that hill was the scariest thing i've ever done. he had only moved in a week before & i hadn't been to his new place yet. he met us at the intersection to lead us to his place. on the way up the first little crest i immediately started spinning in place. the road was covered in snow & ice being so far out in the country there had been no treatment for snow removal either. at one point he had to hook up to my car with a come along to pull me up the hill. in other places he & hubby walked along the car pushing it in the right direction to just keep me on the road. the hill on either side was humongous!!! the next day i woke up feeling like i'd been kicked in the chest & my left arm hurt. i probably should have gone to a doctor for a checkup but i had a birth to attend. i'd never felt that before so thats how i concluded i'd had my stroke. of course, this could be all in my head. i'm the kind of person that self diagnosis' myself.
anyway, back to the present day snowstorm. we left work yesterday at 3:30 & still didn't make it home untill 7:45. big fat snowflakes started at about 2 & quickly became between 6-8 inches & traffic was at a standstill in most places. we sat like sardines long enough that my car overheated & we had to pull out of traffic to let it cool down. in that time the traffic did clear out a little but while waiting we decided to try a different route home. we had been heading for the expressway cos the dj on the radio said it was at least moving but where we overheated was close enough to see that expressway & it wasn't moving any faster than anything else. i don't know where he was getting his info from but it wasn't right. witnessing the thinning traffic we changed our minds to go through the city & hit a rural route instead. turns out nothing was moving anywhere & it was slick everywhere. i just recently replaced my tires so i know they were as good as could be expected. still no traction. we slipped & slid right along with everyone else. and prayed. so 4 hours & 15 minutes later i called the girls i work with to let them know i had finally made it home & probably wouldn't make it in the morning. i had told them i would call when i got home to let them know how bad the roads were. turned out they stayed till 5 & still beat me home. of course it took them at least an hour to get home & they live within 10 miles. one lives just a few blocks away & it took her almost an hour to drive what you could walk in 15 minutes. we had been planning on working this weekend but the storm has kinda blown that idea. means we have to bust ass monday but we're professionals we can get it done. now everyone help me will the snow away for the rest of the winter season. i don't even care about a white christmas. i can skip it if it means scary driving. how many of us get to stay home for christmas? i have to make a family trip...i don't have a choice on this matter. so the snow can go away now. i've had enough. already. for the rest of my life.
ok. gotta hit the sack now. the big guy is here & he won't sleep too long in the morning. he'll be running into our room yelling 'memaw i need you' first thing.
see ya later.


Rainex said...

Hey! I just noticed your
link-list-thank you!
Oh snow, when I was pregnant
with my first boy I had
this really bad craving for
ice-cream, Belgian chocolate.
Well we had snow and it had
frozen over night so the
roads were really bad as the
gritters hadn't been out.
This was in East London and
there we were, me, D, my
huge bump rammed into our
(then) little red mini!
The car just slid like a
toy and we nearly and
narrowly missed crashing
through a supermarket's
window! We survived then
I fell on my arse outside
the shop.

Lindy.. The Alien Keeper said...

Funny story...but seriously snow is the scariest thing to me. And don't you hate falling when your pregnant?