Sunday, June 11, 2006

Alien Updates

i wish the weather would work with me, we, us, even the earthlings. so far, since the pool has been filled & ready, the weekends haven't been nice. the aliens are losing their minds over a ready pool that they can't get in. of course, i begged off getting them this weekend so what happens? a beautiful weekend. it looks like hubby & i may get a chance to swim without them first. as brave as they all are right now i am looking forward to their first time in. just to see if jammer still glues himself to my back, if ixxie can swim this year & how brave the twins are after all the fun we had last year.
last summer was the first for the twins with us. it's over their heads so everyone has both a ring & arm floats. snooks was a lot more leary than the brave little snarky. i don't think either of them had been swimming much until then, if at all. at first, each one had arms & legs both wrapped around me & refused to let go. after a few weekends they finally decided to trust me & give it a go. by the end of the 3rd week they loved it. duh, who doesn't? they were jumping off the side & going under water yelling look at me the whole time. i tried to teach them to do hairdo's under water. when i was a kid that was one of the best games we played in the pool. you hold your nose & go under, twisting & turning, until you come up with your hair all messed up & viola', it's beautiful! after that we would prance around like we were movie stars. snarky was the only one that went for it. that ended when she swallowed a bunch of water & had it coming out of her nose.
jammer has an excuse. the first year we took him papaw accidently tried to drown him. he was tossing him to me & didn't realize he was underwater for most of the toss. scared the shit out of jammer. you don't want to know how mad i was after that stunt. i've never seen anyone with such fear in their eyes & i watched his little eyes the whole time but it all happened so fast i didn't have time to even save him. (seemed like an enternity for me you can imagine how long it felt for him) from then on he wouldn't even get in unless he was clutching my neck with his skinny little arms & his legs wrapped around my body for added floatation. (believe me when i say i'm a floater!) after last year he was fine as long as papaw was in the deep end. thankfully cos i really couldn't breathe when he held my neck. strong little alien.
everyone is so excited this year that i think its gonna be alot of fun. next weekend will hopefully be nice & i know i'll have all 4, so, swimming we'll be a going.
hey, have i mentioned we have jammer potty trained? except he still has accidents through the night occasionally. the funny thing about that is when he was in diapers he never peed through the night. he's such a busy little guy that he usually pulls his pants up all cockeyed & winds up with his willy sticking out. just cute. i can't begin to explain how much i love that little fellow. he's alot more hyper than his daddy ever was. i thought he was a fast little shit but his son puts him to shame. you can't blink & find jammer in the same spot unless he's watching a movie. if he's watching a movie he questions everything. so, he's never really still. one thing he took after his daddy for sure. he hates clothes. he loves to take them off & parade his naked butt.
nipper has been sending me pics of our dad, us & other family members from when we were little. pics i've never seen before so its a great treat. i want to use them here but i guess i'd better ask before i do. so, nipper, do you mind if i post some of them? they've definitely opened some closed doors in my mind. the memories come flooding back sometimes. other times its like i'm looking at strangers.
well, i think i'll go for now. we got dvd's of the old 'night stalker' series. anyone remember them? with the news reporter named kolchak? i always loved staying up late on nights that daddy stayed out & getting to watch them. they scared the bejesus out of me but i love anything scary.
i remember having nipper convinced i was a witch too. thats another story.