Monday, June 05, 2006

Who's Your Daddy?

damn blogger. my last post is now in the belly of, the moofie we all love to hate, out there somewhere floating in the infinite we know as cyberspace. damn blogger.
i'm gonna try to remember what i said so bare with me.
i was telling you that i talked to nipper again last night. how amazed i am with her memory. that chic has more in her head than i could ever hope to store in my little frazzled brain. she amazes me. she remembers things we did as kids, places we lived, people we knew. after she named some yeah, they came back to me. but wow, i've blocked a lot of shit.
we were really one fucked up bunch of kids. half something here, step something there, cousins crawling in, uncle or daddy somethings everywhere. no wonder i can't remember my childhood. who would want to? i know i have at least one brother out there that we can attribute to my sperm donor, and one sister that i don't know. i actually went to school with one girl that was sworned to be my sister. thank you daddy. i don't know what i would have done without your busy ass out there to embarrass me.
daddy a whore? mommy gone much? who's ur daddy? who's ur daddy?
well, who's my daddy?
take your pick....

thats all i can remember of the post but you get the point. gotta go for now. i'll be back to see who you picked.


Rainex said...

What a fine selection
of men-but I can't see
your Dad, Lindy.
No trailer or duct tape
in sight!
Funny to think there
are more Lindy-ettes
out there, do ya think
you would want to meet
them properly if you
really were related?