Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Shit, Shower & Ceramics

i don't know about you but taco bell....num num... nacho bell grande, tortillo chips topped with refried beans, spicy hamburger, lettuce, tomatoe, onion, sour cream & melted nacho cheese. i've been craving this for about a week. when i got home tonight & looked in the fridge to put together dinner i just couldn't stop thinking about how bad i wanted taco bell. hubby is out working on the leak we've developed under the house so i can't use any water. theres no water to use. the hamburger is frozen & besides i don't have the spicy mix. as soon as he turned on the water i grabbed my purse & his arm & off to taco bell we went. we ate in cos if you take it home you won't get a good meal. its half assed. on the way home the nacho is taking over my body. its going through me quick like lightning. no half assing going on here. i'm ready to pop! or poop.. whichever. i burst through the door & head for the bathroom. ok, nature is finished tearing up my insides but nooooo! the roll of toilet paper is nowhere to be found. not on the holder, not on the counter, not on the back of the toilet. nowhere! i open the door where i always keep at least 12 rolls of toilet paper at all times. i pull out an empty package. no toilet paper. how did that happen? hubby hates for me to buy more than we need. i explain to him that toilet paper is one thing i refuse to be caught without but last week when we went shopping it wasn't on the list. i simply didn't think of it till i walked out of the store & saw another woman walking to her car with a pack. luckily i have a roll in the bedroom next to the bed just in the event that someone takes the last of the toilet paper without telling me. (yes, i hide a roll to be safe) honey! honey! i need you! these are words he lives to hear. unfortunately, not what he had in mind. not i want you...i need you. big difference. guess where we're going tomorrow? shopping for toilet paper. wanna know how much i'll buy? more than i need thats for damn sure. and yes, i'll replace my hidden roll only now i have to find a new hiding place for it.
its supposed to rain all this week but man is it ever hot. what happened to that rain we were supposed to get? my house feels like a baking kiln & thats with 2 air conditioners running full blast. maybe it would help if hubby didn't decide to bake rolls until after dark?
i love rain. i love to walk in it. i hate to carry an umbrella. just me & the rain. it feels like it cleanses my soul. i said feels like. i remember when i was a kid my grandma had this ceramic dog that she propped the door open with & we would sit in the open door & watch the storm. lighning & thunder loll me to sleep. weird? i guess but it brings back wonderfull memories of my grandma. i wonder what ever happened to that ole ceramic dog. i would love to have it. jeez what i share with you people.
guess i'll hit the shower now.
later, lil tater.


ML said...

Come and live in England for a little while.. you'll have a WHOLE collection of umbrellas to carry around! LOL