Monday, June 26, 2006

Swimming With The Mermaids

this weekend we finally got to go swimming. the weather was perfect & all the suits still fit. and let me tell you, swimming is allllll we did!! they refused to get out. i thought we were going to spend the night swimming both saturday & sunday. they didn't want to eat, they didn't want to watch tv, they didn't want anything to drink, all they wanted to do was swim. i couldn't coax them out with anything. it wasn't until they got so pruned & cold that they'd even wrap in a towel for a minute & as soon as they warmed up: right back in they went. we had a great time & nobody even came near drowning.
everyone was brave as hell too! i had to watch them close to make sure they kept the floats on. i swear i think they only got out to see if they could slide by me without the floats.
the deep end is totally off limits too, but you wouldn't believe how many times i had to remind them that they were either too close to the rope or on the wrong side. i heard but memaw so many times i threatened to change my name.
i've got the cutest little man story to tell you. in the pool are these little square holes with flaps on them. its for the overflow. with all the big guys doing all their cannonballs the water was like being in the ocean with huge waves coming at you all the time so the flaps were going crazy. well, jammer noticed these holes with the flaps & even though there is one in the shallow end he insisted he wanted to see the one in the deep end. once in the deep end he decided it looked just like a mailbox. he whispered to me that it was the mermaid & mermens mail box. yeah, and that they lived in the poolhouse & he had to go home to write them a letter. the story didn't end there, though. he wanted to invite them to dinner at our house cos surely they didn't have any good food to eat since the big boys made everything so wet & wavy all their food was soggy. he told me that once at our house they wouldn't want to leave & that was how we were going to wind up living in the mermaids home. so he could swim all the time. but the girls would have to stay with the mermaids at our home cos they wouldn't appreciate living in a poolhouse. (yes, he actually used the word appreciate). finally, i had a reason for him to go home! he had to write his letter. as he fell asleep that night he continued the story. from living in the water he would grow fins like harry potter & swim soooo fast that the girls couldn't catch him.
i think he's seen too much tv but i love his imagination.
well, i'm going to go watch some of that tv. i have more kolchak to watch. there will be no mermaids there but lots of werewolves. i already miss jammers story. i thought it was too cute.