Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Real Life For Real Commercials

i'm up late watching tv when a commercial comes on. a woman in nothing but black panties & a black bra crawling across the floor toward a sneaker. the next shot you see her breast area holding the sneaker. no face, no leg, nothing but her boobs & the sneaker. wtf?? i'm thinking maybe she had to sneak up on the sneaker to catch it. maybe she had to hook it with a little tantalizing titty? who thinks these things up? and what about that commercial would make me rush out to buy that sneaker?
another thing.. well, another commercial.. this woman is jogging down the road & thinks to herself.. i'm having trouble concentrating, could i be pregnant? have you seen this? does this make sense to you? when i was pregnant the last thing i had trouble with was concentrating. i concentrated on how i was gonna tell my momma i was pregnant & what my daddy was gonna think of me. i concentrated on how bad it was gonna hurt to give birth to that baby & how the hell was i gonna raise a baby. i was still a baby myself. concentration was the last thing that gave me the inclination that i was pregnant. how about no period, how about gaining weight, how about that morning sickness thing i was experiencing. concentration had absolutely nothing to do with figuring out i was pregnant. people out there are making good money for this shit & i could make better commercials in my sleep. at least mine would make sense. imagine this:
a young girl hanging over a commode, puking her guts out, her boyfriend walks in & asks 'whats going on?' she says, 'i can't keep my food down, do you think i might be pregnant?' can you say real life?
don't get me started on the music these days. riding dirty... i ain't singing about my car, dude! i'd be singing about the bedroom if i was riding dirty. he'd be reading the signs of my body alright.
honestly, how do these idiots get these jobs? although, i knew a guy from school that went to california to become a writer for tv. he was funny, smart, cute & quick with the comebacks. i remember seeing his name in the credits for things like in living color, full house & the tonight show. he died at the ripe old age of 46. just had a heart attack sitting in his chair. maybe i wouldn't want their jobs, after all. huh?
k...gotta go.


Rainex said...

The Bra and the Trainer-
sounds like a good name
for a pub to me!