Sunday, June 04, 2006

Septic Sucking Life

how do you wire a switch & plug on the same outlet? anybody? maybe somebody knows a good electrician they can ask for the details? i can't figure out the schematics on the damn thing. did i spell that right? i swear, i'm stupider now. (jokes people. please don't go there)... hubby took it apart monthes ago when the switch quit working. thinking he'd be on top of things & have it with him whenever we got near a hardware store. guess it didn't dawn on him that after that long he wouldn't remember how the damn thing went back together. so far, i've kicked the breaker 5 times & got shocked once. it only took once for me to quit. no thank you, homey don't play shocks! next time draw a schematic dumbass!
i've grown 10 new moles
i loved my 20's
i got pregnant & miscarried in my 30's
i quit dieting in my 40's
i'm almost 50.
i've gained 60
i loved the 70's
i met hubby in the 80's
i feel 90
100 things about me? please, can i change about 100 things in my life? telling 100 things about me i couldn't even touch. i'm not that interesting. as a matter of fact i'm not half the person i used to be so by 10's is the best i can do.
the millenium? hello, who am i? oh yeah, i'm the opinionated bitch that nobody pays any attention to. i'm the one that pleads until i'm blue in the face & never gets anywhere. i can make every sense to everyone but still i get no co-operation. did i talk to the wall? was i chatting with the floorboard? do i just talk in the wind? blow up your ass? how much can i bitch at my husband & be ignored? how much can i bitch about my job & NOT lose it? how far can i go with my insanity?
did i tell you that hubby quit his job?
have i mentioned that he doesn't understand why i'm upset about this turn of events? oh yeah,
of course, i'm the one paying the price for management deciding to change his shift hours causing him not to be able to meet their demands. how does a normal thinking, reasonably intelligent person quit a job without a backup plan? i guess he's fried a few too many brain cells too. especially if he thinks i'm gonna support him for the rest of my life. homey ain't playing the momma game either.
but please tell me how do you get your husband to work? if its not on his list of things to do? in his case this list only consists of b, c, d, e. bed, couch, drink & eat. nowhere near w for work.
or even p for phone.
on to other news now. i have to catch jammer & tie him down real soon. his toenails are so long & jagged that he actually cut me with them. i mean literally ripped my arm open in about an inch & a half strip. when i mentioned to him that i was going to clip them he said 'nooooo! aliens do not get their toenails clipped. they chew them off'. i'm thinking duct tape & a pair of clippers will work just fine for me & yuck! who gave him the idea to chew his toenails? but then why do i choose duct tape to tie him down with?
oh & ixxie lost another tooth this weekend. i was not aware that the tooth fairy came to other peoples house to give you money. i thought you took the tooth home & she took care of it from there. honey informed that no, i was wrong. so i had to cough up the pay check. lucky little fart cos she got more out of me than she will her mommy.
ok. time to go.
i suck.