Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Cashing Out

this past weekend santa called the kids. here in my area ma bell has set up a website that you can request a prerecorded voice message from santa. it was so cute. jammer listened intently, mouth hung open & eyes wide. afterward, he couldn't stop telling me what all santa said to him. 'and he knew my name, memaw!' i thought about that all week. it made me smile everytime it crossed my mind. wouldn't it be great if we could always keep that innocence? wouldn't it be greater if we could always have the few extra dollars for christmas? i can't remember this for myself & my mom, but i remember how happy i was when sonny gave me the present he spent his whole 2 dollars on? or the something he made for me? i know how i react when i get something the grandkids make or buy for me. i love the pleased smile & the excitement in their little faces as i oooohhh & ahhh over it. they always give me a big hug & tell me how much they love me. jammer couldn't stop telling me how beautiful i am this weekend. i said something about if i kept eating like i did for thanksgiving my butt was gonna get too wide to get through the door & papaw said, 'oh no honey, thats still the smallest thing about you.' jammer doubled up his fist & told him not to say mean things. which is when it dawned on hubby what he just said. guess he'll be getting NO nukey for christmas.
of course, this year is even tighter than usual with hubby not working. maybe he'll just have to settle for fat nukey with a little ass. won't that just serve him right?
oh my. what am i gonna do for christmas? its too close & so is the money. i know, everyone is in the same boat. as always, i leave it in god's hands. somehow he always makes it work. i think we'll put the tree & decorations up this weekend. since all the kids will be here. i want the twins to be in on it.
i've discovered a new toy i can play with. no you sex freaks its not that kind of toy. a function on our copy machine that i can scan pics into & send them to myself via email. be prepared for a lot more pics.
well, gotta go.
later, dudes & dudettes.


Rainex said...

I think Xmas puts too
much pressure on people.
I just feel exhausted,
with work and all the
shopping and money problems.
It's like a juggling act
and I refuse to get into
debt for it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Give me nukey and ass anyday of the week and keep the expensive clothes I don't want.
Money money money.
It's all about money because we made it that way.
I think you should give what you want to give people and not what they wish they got.
Walk through a store and wow, look, I bet Frank would like this.
Thats how we should shop and not like, Frank said he wants a PS3 with the extras.
I gift is a guesture.
Wrap up oranges, oh you did and through some ass on top LOL

There is something to be said about the innocence of as child.
I remember about 8 years ago, the SILs ex husbands new wife told her daughter there was no such thing as Santa Clause and that her father was the one who always got her the gifts.
Her eyes went dim after that day where they were once lit up during Christmas.
My daughter came home after playing with Ashley and told me that Ashley was nuts because she said there was no Santa.
Then she looked at me and ask if there was a Santa.
I told her yes and he loves her very much.
The wonders of a child should never be stolen.

Have a great weekend