Saturday, December 23, 2006

Beep Beep

he's done! rayyyy! he's rode his little red sleigh the whole world over & has returned to the north pole where he belongs. thank you, jesus! pretty soon we can all get back to assimilating a normal life. well, thats in my world.
but not so fast. i still have more christmas to do. not buy. just do. i haven't been to my sisters or my moms. the kids haven't opened their gifts here yet. its complicated. we didn't get the twins this past weekend & i want all the kids to be together when they open gifts plus christmas being on monday meant if i opened gifts on sunday they might wonder why they get gifts here first. although, i sign the tags from memaw & papaw, i just don't want to confuse them. especially as confused as i am right now. are you confused?
the weather has been beautiful for december. thats been a plus. i have enough pto time left at work that if it snows i don't have to take a chance on killing myself to get there. thats due to the better weather thus far. usually by this time of year most of my off time has been sucked up by snow so bad i couldn't get down my hill. thats what i get for living in the boonies.
so far, we've only gone to hubbys side of the family. i only made one boo-boo. i forgot one sister in law didn't have pierced ears. who doesn't have pierced ears these days? other than that i think everyone was pleasantly surprised. even the brother in law that is never happy with anything seemed to be happy with everyone this year.
well, shit, there goes the salt truck down the road. thats a bad sign. maybe i bragged too soon. tomorrow is my first day back to work. hopefully, we won't get too much snow tonight. i still don't feel safe driving the lebaron in the snow. i haven't had enough practise to know the car that well. thats ok, thats why i still have the corsica. its got a kick ass heater & it handles ok in the snow. except i haven't driven it much since the tire fell off. it did handle ok in the snow. hopefully, it will be safe enough.
i've gotten some amazing gifts. my mother in law bought me a new cell phone. a little bitty compact thing with internet connection. that was too cool. now, i have a phone & 'triple a' in the event i break down. in the snow. in the dark. in the boonies. i can go online & chat or send email while i wait for the tow truck that i called on my new little cell phone.
ok. gotta go for now.