Saturday, December 09, 2006

Create Your Own Holiday

i think its time for a new holiday. i think we should all create a special holiday as a family tradition just for us. what do you think? i think i want to declare today my 'hategiving holiday'.
i'd start with being super hateful for my drunk husband that doesn't know when to stop drinking. i also am very hateful for the way he stands at the fridge with the door wide open while he sucks on that bottle of his.
some other things i'm extremely 'hateful for' these days:
..our heater that went out last night.
..the fever that jammer has had since last night that i can't kick.
..the kerosene heater that hubby drunkenly walked away from last night while he was filling that ran over, all over my floor. stinking up my entire house.
..the smartassed attitude that ixxie has developed. its her mommys fault so i can't really blame her but man does it burn my ass.
..the stinginess that all my grandkids show each other. again, its their raising & i can't control that but while they're here at my house that shit will not be accepted.
..of course, the fact that i have no money for christmas goes without saying. i'm just saying, though.
..the seizures that my poor ms. m has been suffering through more often & stronger than ever.
..the snow that hit the ground last thursday here that i had to endure driving through.
..that i can't afford new tires for my car that i've learned slides in the snow that hit the ground last thursday & i have the rest of the winter to deal with.
..the worldantispy program that took me months to get off my computer.
..the shoes that i've been wearing that doesn't have arches causing my feet to burn. i actually thought i was developing diabetes 2 which causes burning in your feet. you know what a self-diagnoser i am.
theres more. i just can't believe that you want to read all of them this year. besides, if i list them all here, what the hell will i have to be hateful for next year?
if you're a praying person though, please put in a word for jammer. i'm really worried about him. me, i can deal but the baby doesn't deserve to suffer because of his stupid mother that doesn't bring his medicine when she dumps them every weekend so she can have her time for herself. self centered bitch.
see theres another hategiving that i didn't even mention technically. so, i can use that one next year.
ok. gotta go.


Rainex said...

Poor Jammer-hope he gets's
better soon. Hategiving! How
cool! You really cheer me up
I would have SleepyEve, where
everyone could have a day in bed
a true duvet day for all the poor
worn out bitches like myself!
It would be every monday...

Anonymous said...

I don't know if i amn supposed to hate this post or like this post LOL

I like the way your wrote it for sure though.
Can we throw in the idiots that make odd shapped boxes so that you can go insane trying to wrap them.

Have a nice day

Anonymous said...

Im loving Hategiving.. I can whinge for England!! Lets start with Christmas the money sucking, boring, overpriced, overmarketed, poncy Hallmark holiday its become. Since it has no religious value to any of my family Im seriously thinking about getting all of us to move it to January so we can all shop in the sales! Well done Corporations for shitting up another holiday the same way you've shit up the rest of them by ramming them down our throats 11 months too early.

Lindy.. The Alien Keeper said...

GOD!!!! I love you people!! Do you realize if we lived close together what a great time we would have? We'd have 'Drunk SleepyEve' every Monday & bitch & whine about all the hateful things we could think of. Thanks for your support. You guys rock!