Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Should We Shoot 'Em?

i called honey from work monday morning & jammer still had not eaten anything, still had a fever & was still sleeping. i begged her to take him to the doctor again. she agreed that if he wasn't better on tuesday they would. they called me tuesday morning to let me know that his temperature reached 103 again so they took him to the doctor. he still has the respiratory infection & its been joined by an ear infection. the doctor has him on 3 medicines & has his temperature back down to normal. i called before i left work today & talked him into eating a banana while we talked. he said he was feeling better & thanked me for worrying about him. isn't that sweet? i asked him to eat another banana & he said ok. then i blew it! i asked him if he thought he could eat supper tonight & he told me 'i don't know about that memaw'.
i emailed mojo to see how snarky was doing with her respiratory infection & she has developed the same ear infection that jammer has. honestly, i think those 2 should be the twins. they look alike, act alike & have the same afflictions.
snooky has a chest cold too. everybody is on medication. everybody is showing signs of improvement. everybody is still coughing & i am still going nuts.
did i tell you jammer, ixxie & i went shopping around a salvation army store about a month ago? mostly it was just to pass some time but i love to look at those old places. you never know what you'll find. you know the ole cliche 'one mans junk is another mans treasure'. jammer came across a hobby horse the minute we walked in the door & rode the thing all the way through as we looked. when i said it was time to go he wanted to bring the horse so i told him to ask the lady how much it was cos i couldn't find a price anywhere on it. he literally picked the thing up & carried it to the front of the store to ask. to watch the little guy carry that big ass horse just tickled me. turned out it was $12.00 but that particular day was half price day on toys & clothes so we bought it. as much as he loved it i couldn't refuse. on the way home i asked him what he was gonna name it & he answered, 'well, HORSE, of course'. i thought i'd pee my pants laughing at him. he held it in his lap in the car seat all the way home to pet it. he gave it water when we got home & had to let it outside to potty. he feed it then pretended to brush it before he rode it.
well, he just broke its leg. i told him we would have to shoot it cos thats what you do when a horse goes lame. he doesn't think i have to shoot it cos its not breathing. he's giving it cpr right now. with mouth to mouth & beating on the heart... the whole nine yards to try saving the horse. i have to think ingeniously now as to how to repair the horse. god knows, i can't let it die on him.
oh, never mind. the horse is breathing again. sssshhhheeewwww, that was a close one. i still have to figure a way to fix the leg though. cos i'm the memaw & i can do anything. you know?
gotta go.


Anonymous said...

Yup, Super Memaw to the rescue :)

How can you say not to them when they know you won't LOL
I hope they get better before Christmas.

Lindy.. The Alien Keeper said...

Thanks Walker, they are getting better every day. Hopefully, by Christmas this will all be behind them. I know I can't wait for the day there is no more coughing.

Rainex said...

Merry Xmas sweetie!