Saturday, December 30, 2006

Traveler & Turd

hey, hey! how is everyone? i know, long time no hear from. i've been gone so long i feel like a new blogger. i just hope i still have some readers. its amazing how fast your spikes fall when you don't post. damn that stat counter. i know better than to check it.
so, all gifts have been exchanged except ours for sonny & honey. they'll open our gifts on sunday when they come to get the kids. we all met at nippers house on friday for the kids & family gift thing. nipper lives about half way between sonny & i so it works out well for both of us. he was just getting out of the car when we arrived. perfect timing. honestly, i don't think i've ever timed anything in my life more perfectly. i'm the one that they claim will be late for my own funeral. i don't agree with them cos i'm not the one that will be driving me there. at least, i hope i won't have to drive myself to my own funeral. who knows, with the way things are going, what will be protocol by then?
being with my family was great. i don't get to see them enough. holidays are usually the only time we really get together anymore. at least thats the only time i get to see them. everybody else lives pretty close to each other. i'm the only one stupid enough to move to another state. well, me and traveler, my nephew, that has actually moved all the way to the other side of the earth in some cases. he chose missionary work as a means of supporting himself. he's the most caring, giving kid i've ever had the pleasure of being acquainted with. don't get me wrong, my niece & nephews are all amazing kids, just traveler is truly the most special of the bunch. i think of him as our families personal 'prayer warrior'. he just returned from a teaching gig in south korea & is leaving tomorrow to go back to california where he has been based out of for a few years now. i worry about him when he's so far from us but i know he has god to watch over him wherever he may be. he couldn't have a better travel buddy. ya know?
i tried hard to get my dad to join us. him & his new wife, even though mom was in the mix. after all they are all adults & its for the kids more than anything. he didn't answer his phone in the end. i knew he was home cos i saw his vehicles on our way in. he had not met the twins yet. they are going on 5 years old & he couldn't be bothered to come down to meet them even though we were only a few yards from his back door. for meanness, i stopped by on our way out. i just knocked on his door & invited him to the car to at least say 'hi'. i didn't even unstrap the kids...i just let him look in, told him who was who & we went on our merry ways. i know god will get me in the end but at least i put out the effort. i'd say the ball is in his court now.
big turd!
traveler & turd.

you've just met 2 more of my family members. stay tuned for more.


ML said...

Handsome guys there Lindy.. the top one is hot. Happy new year to you.. hope things arent as hectic this year!