Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Values Be Damn

we put the tree up last weekend while the kids were here. i use a fake tree & they helped us build it. they loved it. we've put up all the lights i'm using this year. the tree has about 600 lights & we have more around the windows, door, rail & alcove. i still want to wrap the door. (do you know what i'm talking about?) i've finished the shopping (not too soon) but i haven't begun to wrap any of the gifts. thats a huge job that i'm not looking forward to. i used to love it but that was when there were a group of us sitting around shooting the shit while we did it. now i'm stuck with it by myself, its a pain in the ass & it takes forever.
jammer is much better. he's so improved that when he got mad at me he stood at the door & screamed, i just want to leave you, now! i wish his mommy & daddy didn't fight so much cos i know he's heard his daddy say that. even when he's asleep he hears whats going on & it definitely sinks in. while he was so sick he would talk in his sleep. some of the things he said were things that he's 'supposedly' not heard them discussing. isn't that a kick in the nuts?
i hope you're all ready for Christmas. i know i'll be glad when its over. its not about the baby Jesus, the love, good feelings or sharing anymore or the wisemen & the star of bethlehem for that matter. its all about the name brands & the money spent. its lost its appeal for me. i don't even think the kids these days could tell you the story of Christmas. i think our kids are all too spoiled to appreciate it too. 2 seconds after they open the gifts they're all ready to fight over the toys. they don't want to get rid of any of the old stuff so theres no room for the new stuff & several of them wind up broken almost immediately anyway. watch this week drag for me cos i'm being so cynical. serves me right, huh?
well, you probably won't hear from me again until after its over. i hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. be safe & be healthy. i hope you all get what you want!
Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Yeah I miss the old Christmases when it was more family and less Playstation.

Kids may say the darnest things but the hear worse.

I have done as much for Christmas as I am going to besides the poker game.
You know you could shop for ever LOL

Etoile Tyler said...

Happy Christmas, in advance. I hope that somewhere, through it all you're able to have at least a touch of what Christmas used to be like. We're doing almost nothing this year for the holiday, I hope that by taking a break, maybe next year we can take Christmas back. All my love.

Rainex said...

Merry Xmas-is it
easy to wrap presents
with duct tape?

Lindy.. The Alien Keeper said...

After years of practise I am so good at wrapping with duct tape that sometimes I don't need wrapping paper. We'll be doing it all next weekend cos Mojo wants the twins to be home for Christmas. Christmas will be great for the kids & thats all I really care about.

Etoile Tyler said...

Kisses darling! Merry Christmas!