Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Days Come & Days Go

tomorrow is hubbys birthday. he acts like he's 90 but he'll actually be 47. i'm taking the day off but i'm not sure what we'll do. i haven't really made any plans. i think we'll just wing it.
i'm still looking for peepers. everywhere i go. the online search is frustrating. there are so many lost birds out there. its been a month. i talked to a bird rescue house in washington & he says he's seen birds get reunited up to 3 years. he also says he had one bird shipped to him that has been attacked & is in pretty bad shape but healing. he could be peepers & will keep in touch with me. he didn't dare try any of the whistles or calls for him cos he's so weak & on medication. he doesn't want to stress his recovering birds & excitement will do that. i'm keeping my fingers crossed.
we bought the twins bicycles this week. i'm so excited for them to see them. we also bought training wheels for jammers bike. now we can all go riding together. if we can keep the little heathens out of the middle of the street & watching for cars it should be fun.
i'm gonna go to bed now. i've been on here since i got home looking at lost cockatiel adds.
thanks to ML for cheering me up with her 'peepers visiting auntie ML' comment. that tickled me. thanks to all the rest of you for your thoughts & well wishes. it means alot.


STAG said...

You need more pictures.

I'll go back to lurking now.

Walker said...

Happy Birthday to the Hubby.

I am sure you will find something to do "grin"

I really hope you find MrP.

So um you are starting your own Bike Gang.
You could call it Hells Bells and put little bells on everyones bike LOL