Monday, September 03, 2007

Ten Dollah

theres been an advertisement on tv for a sale on comforters. $10.00 is a pretty good sale price for all sizes of big, thick, wrap yourself up in, warm, comforters. the sale was for sunday & monday only & they screamed how all the other sale items were SO worth your time. in my infinite wisdom i decided to go shopping at this place today. i forgot that the fireworks that our local radio station (WEBN) & toyota put together were also going on today. what a mistake. it took us 2 1/2 hours to get to the store. which would have been fine, EXCEPT, because of the fireworks the stupid store closed early! they could have prewarned us at least. but that would have made too much sense. we wound up taking a 4 hour trip for nothing! thankfully it only took us an hour & a half to make it home. traffic wasn't as bad going out of the city as it was going in. i think they should give me a stupid comforter for my inconvenience. if i'd been 20 years younger i could have at least stayed & watched the fireworks. which are always awesome. but now a days i can't stay up that late & make it to work the next day. not to mention how theres way too many people to deal with these days. man, i keep reminding myself in so many ways how old i'm getting.
i really needed that comforter! for my hubbys old cold body!


Walker said...

Ten bucks is a good deal. I went to see for one the other day and they wanted 100 bucks for a kingsize.
PFFFFFT I could use two older ones for now

They should have prewarned about vlosing to. I would call them up and complain that yopu went that far who knows maybe they'll mail you one for ten bucks :)