Monday, September 17, 2007

Our Own Keystones

cops that is. get this. its 110 degrees in the shade & nothing is moving, not even the birds let alone anything even remotely resembling a breeze. i'm standing at the gate close to the street so i can get a little 'whosh' as the cars whiz by while i smoked a cigarette. a metro bus comes whizzing down the street, oh yeah, theres a breeze cos these babies are hitting about 60 as they floor from one corner to the next. this is a side street & the only traffic on it usually is coming to us other than the buses that pass. i'm standing just before the entrance so for the most part they aren't moving fast enough to create any kind of disturbance in the air. they're slowing down to turn in. except the buses.
i hear a motorcyle. loud, it sounds like its moving fast & i'm praying its coming around the corner & down our street. looking up the street i see the bike cruising towards me. he's booking & all of a sudden i'm literally spun on my heels by the greasy haired biker looking guy in full leather attire tearing down the street like he's on his way out of hell. wow, talk about a breeze. my skirt & hair are whisked back like i'm standing in a full on wind coming at me. that was great. too bad he's not with a shitload of bikers. don't they ususally travel in packs? damn.
but it was better.
the biker hit the corner just past me & made a quick right. about the same time i heard sirens & looked back up the street to see a police cruiser coming at me. he passed the street that the biker turned on & made a right at the next corner. oops, sorry dude, you missed your turn but you made a really great breeze on your way by. think you can do that again?
well, maybe not him but another cruiser came down the street with sirens blaring & turned onto the same street as the biker. ruh roo, the biker might be in trouble. sure enough, here comes another cruiser all the way down the street, great breeze cos he's making an air wave to die for, big time. i'm loving this, big breezes & excitement.
woooo, i can hear the biker cos he's just making turns & trying to lose the cops. he winds up back on the same street i'm standing on with 2 more cruisers coming at him. which he passed zooming in the opposite directions but they knew it was him somehow, so they did u-turns in the middle of the street & went back for him. shit, you ain't doing me any good if they turn around before they get to me. he obliged me & made a quick left going full circle to come back out at the street just passed me. again he zooms by me & immediately 3 cruisers come from nowhere to streak up the street after him.
the biker passed me about 5 times in all & i know i saw the same 5 cruisers at least 10 times trying to catch him.
the last time the biker passed me he waved at me as if to say 'been nice breezing you' & went to the end corner to make a right. as i stood there all 5 cruisers came shooting down the street & split so some followed the biker while others went up the middle streets. finally, i heard the screech of tires & breaking glass which meant they not only caught up with him but made him wreak his bike. this was about 4 in the afternoon & on my way home from work i saw them loading the bike onto a flatbed.
it was entertaining to say the least.
it was breezy to say the most.


Walker said...

Aw that's nice that you got a bit of a breeze but you know a fan would help LOL