Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Keeping Up With Something

how could i say this with a straight face? theres just not enough hours in a day. HA. i hit the floor, slap water on my face to wake up, carry on with my morning rituals (i'll spare you the details)...i'm off. an hours drive to get to work. work, work, work, lunch, work, work, hour back home. have dinner, spend a little time on the pc looking for mr. p, answer emails, take down more phone numbers...make calls, take a shower...hubby says a show i like is on... watch a little tv. off to bed. just to do it all over again tomorrow. what i'm not getting done goes on a list. a very long list that just seems to get longer & never seems to get done.

have you ever noticed, no matter how many times you scrub the bathroom sink, tub or toilet that they always need scrubbing again? and where do all those dirty dishes come from? so theres always the never ending jobs to be done. but i'm talking a list of extras. just to mention a few.
for example: i want to build a new deck. we have the lumber but its laying in the back yard. waiting. we have the nails but they're just parked on the ledge, waiting. waiting for a new blade to the saw or the screw gun so hubby doesn't have to do anything close to manual labor. the last time i decided i wanted a deck built i finally gave up on waiting for him. my neighbor friend & i put it all together while the men were away one day. we flipped it over & layed the top across it to start nailing down when the men showed up & took over. (guess who got the credit for building the deck? yep, you got it, the men.) i'm looking at doing it all over again cos hubby has forgotten what a hammer is. he insists he needs the drill or the screw gun or what ever before he can start this job. well, some day soon he's gonna come home & i'll have the deck half finished cos i'm getting tired of waiting on him to do just one job on his list. only this time he won't be getting the credit for building something that it takes me to put my foot up his ass & a hammer to even get him started on. the only thing i think is gonna be tricky is i don't have my neighbor friend living close anymore. i guess thats why they made cinder blocks. i need something to hold the lumber in place.
besides that list IS definitely gonna start going down soon. i kinda give up on the diligent search for my bird. i just don't see him coming home after this long. and men just don't get it. my dads says 'why not just buy another bird'? NOT! i can't even begin to go into why that isn't gonna happen not to mention that i loved my bird. not just any bird but MY bird. i won't quit looking completely but i guess i do need to get some of this shit done around here before winter hits. its right around the corner again.
i want to airtight the house before winter hits.
i did get the shed cleaned out last weekend & hubby did finally pull my foot out of his ass to help with that one. we made alot of room for the crap in the yard to be stored for winter. including all the new bikes. the big difference is now the shed is organized & even with all the new shit being put into it you can still walk in & look around. amazing what a 10 x 10 storage shed can hold if its put in with some kind of intelligence! hubby's idea of stacking the shed is open the door, take 10 steps back & throw as hard as you can! after we pounded out the dents & then rearranged we had 5 more feet of storage space! i DO have a brilliant mind. even if i do say so myself.
all the windows need to be cleaned. we need to think about putting plastic up to airtight the windows & its hard enough to see out plastic. dirt doesn't help that at all.
i still want to get a bed put into the play room so we can get ixxie out of the living room.
i have a hole under my dresser in the bedroom that needs to be fixed where the water heater leaked. yes, we've got the wood for that too. i've got a wall in the kitchen that needs to be replaced from the water leaking in around the air conditioner. yes, we have the wood for that too. yes, my foot is buried pretty deep in that ass but i have to have one foot to walk with.
oh, i can cross one thing off that list. remember when i asked if anyone knew anything about fixing the light switch in the bathroom? the one with a switch & plug in the same fixture? it finally did get fixed this week. unfortunately the only credit i can give hubby is he was here to let the electrician in to fix it & he paid the electrician.
thats just a partial list & my brain is shutting down so i'll quit there but you get the picture?
btw, jammer has been preparing for oral surgery for about a month now. they've done blood work & taken xrays, made plates & planned on what exactly to do. he spent today at the hospital, finally ready to take the plunge. the plan was they were capping at least one tooth & filling or crowning whatever needed to be while they were at it. the plate was for the tooth ixxie ripped out of his head when he was about 2. turned out they only had to crown a few of his back molars & no caps were done. the teeth his dentist thought were too far gone turned out not to be as bad as he thought. i was shocked cos i thought that was what xrays were for. but glad too. less pain for my big guy & besides these are still his baby teeth. they're all gonna fall out, no matter what work is done on them, within a few years. he was a good patient & all the work was done in under an hour. it scared me mostly cos they put him completely out to do this. so much can go wrong when you knock a kid out with drugs. of course, thats why they did this all at the hospital instead of a dentist office. that still didn't make me worry less. honestly, if anything happened to my baby boy i think it would kill me.
after he started coming around he looked up at the dentist with his big beautiful baby blues & said, 'dr. thank you for fixing my teeth.' his dentist told mom & dad that they had a remarkable young man there. he was an excellent patient & that in all of his 37 years as a dentist our jammer did a first. thanking him was something no other child had ever done let alone big guy held his arms up to him to give him a hug. he said he made his day & what could he do but hug the best patient he EVER had.

i think we'll keep him. what do you think?


Walker said...

Hosework never seems to end and life is getting a little repetative i find.

Never give up looking for MrP you never know what coudl happen, no news is still good news :)