Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wanna Itch With Us?

i've been meaning to show you hubbys newest affliction. its the same 'pityriasis rosea' that jammer had only it came out on hubby in a much more extreme manner. jammer had a mild case i guess cos his was nowhere near what hubby ended up with. they don't have a clue what causes this. they think stress may bring it out. they also don't know exactly what it is. they think its a viral infection. it can strike at any age & takes up to 3 months to go away. well, let me show you:

it started as just a little patch on his stomach right along his pants line. he said it itched really bad so we bought some anti-itch cream. the cream only kept him from itching for a little while & it would be driving him nuts again in no time.
we also bought some triple antibiotic ointment to help it clear up. which did nothing.
the spots kept coming. it reached all the way across his stomach & started climbing up his sides. as you see to the left here. hubby hates to go to the doctor so for the most of this we had no idea what he actually had. needless to say i was very leary of him touching me. in case it was contagious.
i hopped on my trusty computer & started researching sites for itchy, red, spreading, raised, sore spots. every adjective i could think of for what he was dealing with. i never really dreamed at first that it could be the same thing jammer had cos it looked so different. jammers looked like he was breaking out with the measles. this doesn't look at all like measles. then it spread to his right side. and across his back. it drove him crazy cos it just wouldn't stop itching. (can i show titty or is that not pc?)
i suggested maybe we use a new approach. how about going to the doctor? no, not yet. he hadn't quite itched enough.
we tried betadine. its the stuff doctors wash with before surgery. it gets foamy sorta like a soap when you use it. i think it was all i could do to not bust a gut when i stood him in the tub & poured it on him. he didn't shake it off like jammer did but the dance he did! god you needed to see his naked ass dancing in the tub. he said, 'oh, oh, OH MY GOD! CAN I SCREAM NOW?' then he couldn't take it anymore. it burned too bad so we washed it off as i snickered behind my hand.
we tried selsun blue which is an antibacterial shampoo. thats the blue tint you see. back when i went to california i got a really bad sunburn & swam in the ocean which caused me to get some kind of
fungal thingy that made patches that turned bright red in the winter & white in the summer. they itched a little too. i used the selsun blue for that. i had to put it on at night before i went to bed & let it dry. wearing it over night. it worked for me & since he wouldn't go to good ole 'doc holliday' any treatment was worth a shot at this point. some spots would clear up as you can see here. but then new ones would break out.
finally, it started going down south. that was
the ticket to getting him to the doctor. he wasn't about to let big slammer suffer. when he finally made an appointment doc holliday was off on holiday, go figure? i guess with hubbys seizures though when doc found out he had some kind of extreme rash that wouldn't heal he decided to come back in cos a few days later we got a call from the office saying that doc holliday was coming in to see him. only when we got him to the office for his appointment a young intern came into the room to look at it first. 'umm, i'm not sure. maybe ringworm?' by this time i had pinpointed exactly what it was. i found pictures of several people with the same spots & itching that hubby had. oddly enough i found it through links of the same thing that supposedly michael jackson has that causes his whiteness.
how funny is that? anyway, the intern said that doc holliday was much better with this kind of thing so he made another appointment for hubby with the all knowing doctor. finally, when he got to see the main man he agreed with my diagnosis of pityriasis. like i said though, they don't know anything about it. especially how to treat it. just use whatever keeps you from itching & it'll work itself out was the treatment. we've found 'ting', a spray for jock itch & ringworm seems to do a pretty good job. its been close to 2 months & he's finally clearing up but he still has spots that itch like crazy if he starts on them.
speaking of itching. just talking about this makes me itch.
i have to go jump in the tub. maybe i'll take the ting with me.


Walker said...

Just looking at it makes me itch