Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Lost & Found

have you missed me? have you even noticed i've been gone? this is gonna crack you up. i wasn't real pleased, at the time, but its funny now. i fucked my pc up so bad that i had to re-load my operating system & start from scratch. you know i was so tickled with me for getting that stupid scanner going. well, i signed on & wanted to scan jammers diploma's & awards & the stupid scanner couldn't be 'initialized'...whatever the hell that meant. it just pissed me off. so i started investigating. right into a blue screen of death, thank you very much microshit!!!! i opened the scanner software folder. i found a folder that contained dll's & shit like that so i opened it. the message said, 'the dll you are currently using is more current than this...are you sure you want to change'. or something to that effect. i answered 'no, to all'. i guess i should have gone through them one by one cos the next thing i saw was a blue screen that wouldn't do anything. i restarted my pc & got some message about my operating system not being able to load cos i was missing about 20 current dll's. WTF! i said no to all. i choose not to change them. i'm not real sure what happened but i tried opening in safe mode to revert back to a saved backup i had & it said nope, not gonna happen. i tried the scanreg/restore trick & again it said nope, not gonna happen. i couldn't believe that one. i've never had it tell me no, i couldn't use an older saved date. i messed with it for about 3 days & then just gave up & reloaded windows & all my software. one thing i hadn't counted on was microshit knowledge base not supporting my operating system anymore. so, all those patches are no longer available. i reloaded the system in the same folder so everything is actually there but when i run belarc it doesn't recognize them anymore. i don't know if that means i'm still protected or not. but i refuse to go through all those patches & search them out & reload them. i guess i'm just taking my chances on them still being applicable cos they are here. the good news is all my files & pics are still here & i had all the cd's to reload my programs. the bad news is i still refuse to give up on this scanner. I WILL GET IT RUNNING. even if i have to put a toggle switch on it so that it turns on everytime my pc opens. i'm not sure how i'm gonna do it but i will win!! i don't lose well.


Walker said...

I have been in that situation a few times to.
Gates is a sadist i think.

At least you got yourself up and running again ubtill you mess up again LOL
I do alot sometimes especially while working on someopne elses computer HAHAHAHA

Have a nice weekend