Sunday, June 15, 2008

Nutcases In The Woodwork

wow, its early on fathers day. so, happy fathers day to all of you fantastic fathers out there. guess i should send a card to my sperm donor. he's never been much of a father so cards are kinda hard to choose. its easier to adapt an ecard fathers day card to meet my needs. on the other hand i tend to spoil sonny. i bought him the cutest helium balloon & a gift card to buy him a pair of boots. the only reason i bought a gift card was the dummy couldn't tell me what size he wore anymore. i figured he could just go & try on the boots & get the pair he wants. if theres extra money to get a few other things thats fine too. i just want to make him happy. poor kid doesn't get a lot of happiness in his life these days. at least not what he deserves. that psychobitch he lives with is just not deserving of him. he had a friend that gave him tickets to the speedway this weekend & goofy bitch called me tonight to tell me that sonny got pissed & left her there. too bad it wasn't forever but she did get a ride back home & sonny had just pulled in when i hung up with her. apparently it was a great night until they got ready to leave & then she got upset over something (i never got the details on what upset her) but it caused him to disappear, leaving her at the gate. i know that sounds bad on his part but if you only knew how crazy this bitch was you'd give him the benefit of the doubt. she probably went off on some girl looking at him & embarrassed the whole crowd within a 20 foot parameter. i know, i've been there when she went off on a jogger that ran across the street & he tried to look in every direction but the jogger & she had a slapping fit over him maybe seeing the jogger & her tight bod. she started smacking herself in the face & shaking her head until i was dizzy. i couldn't believe that she went off like she did & just wanted to crawl in a hole for sonny. the only good thing about this bitch is the grandson i got in the deal. other than that i would give my left arm to get sonny away from her. and believe me he'd give anything to get away from her, too. but they have a son together & he's afraid he can't take care of him by himself. i can only pray that when jammer is a little older sonny will decide to get out of this mess & take his son to raise away from the crazy bitch & her crazy daughter. oh yeah, we've found out this weekend about the crazy daughter that makes jammer take his clothes off in front of her. i can't believe this shit but this has been happening lately. i've threatened that if i hear of this shit going on anymore i'm calling the police & having her removed from the home. i'd hate to have to do that to my son but if his goofy wench can't get her crazy daughter under some kind of control i will take my grandson from both of them & raise him in a loving, protected home. they all have one more chance as far as i'm concerned. if sonny wants to live with that crazy fucking bunch he's a big boy & can handle himself but my grandson is not gonna be fucked up cos nobody has the time to protect him from smack myself silly bitch & fuck me crazy daughter. i'm sorry but i've lost all compassion for these nutcases my son has chosen to live with at this point, i want to put both of them in an insane assylum & be done with them. if ix lays one more hand on jammer i'm not taking her anymore. at least he can come here & be away from the abuse for a few days. honestly, if i hear one more thing about ixxie abusing jammer i will report her & have her removed from the home. jammer is my priority here. he deserves a normal life above & beyond anything else. you know, i've supported my son through a lot of things but i feel more compelled to protect my grandson in this situation. i hope it doesn't come to such a major move but i can't let this one slide. they all get one (1) more chance.


Walker said...

The world is just gone fucken crazy.
My SIL is a piece of work herself and I am not just saying it because of my brother.
He's a selfish asswipe himself but he does spoil his daughter and makes sure he makes enough money to take her the SIL and the SILs other daughter on vacations.

Tammi said...

It's nice to know SOMEBODY is looking out for jammers best interest!
Damn,love can be blind sometimes,huh?Sonny will get enough one day,and get the fxxxK away from that nut case and her daughter.From what you say,he's already fed up,so it's just a matter of time.So hang in there luv,and at least TRY to get along with the bxxxh so that you can make sure jammer is ok at all times.
I went off on my Ex who has one of my grandson' FIRST grandson at that!! And since I told him what an idiot him and his wife are for making his own grandson call him "Daddy" and "Mom",now I can't even see him.That will soon change tho,cuz there IS such a thing as "Grandparents Rights".
So hang in there and don't do like me and go off to the point where you can't see him for a while....OK?