Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rock On

wow, we had a free admission day on friday & talk about score! our head count was 29,000 people with 35 missing kids, not much on memberships sold, only 2 disagreements with one fire. not too shabby for the middle of the city & a hot day. believe me, it could have been alot worse. our city is awesome when it comes to free shit. they really know how to have a good time. our weather might leave a lot to be desired but our community rocks for entertainment.
lucky is doing great. her friends rented a wheelchair & took her to a ballgame last weekend. all the tests came back negative for cancer & she feels like a new woman. she's also lost about 24 pounds by losing the tumors.
i'm posting in between thunder storms so i can't stay on long. i just wanted to jump on for a minute & thank you all (& jesus) for all the good thoughts & prayers for lucky. they worked.
we're supposed to just get jammer for the weekend. i'll be back soon to fill you in.


Walker said...

That's great news about Lucky.
Her streghth should grow with each day.

Free stuff is good and its not always about the money.
Its a good way to promote the city and to give some back to the taxpayers who supply the dough for what they have.
Tax payers money at work for the tax payer.
The city here throws alot of bones to the public here to all year long.
The have created the winterfest AKA Winterlude, Tulip Festival, JazzFest, Bluesfest next month and a number fo others that the city along with the community throws.
They keep us happy and we don't burn city hall down wioth the mayor still in it LOL

Have a nice weekend