Sunday, June 29, 2008

Upgrades, Backups & Pacts? Oh My!

i finally got the printer working. i've done lots of research on the scanner & i'm pretty sure the problem was that i connected it straight to a usb from the computer. the help section explains that it has to be the last hardware added on the line. which means i need to usb that off the printer. my friend walker has suggested that i go ahead & upgrade to a new operating system which sounds like a good idea to me. now, i just need to invest the money & time to do it. i'm kind of a procrastinator like that. its usually easier to get things like that done during the week when i have no grandkids but i only have 4 hours a night after i get home from work & if something goes wrong i'm screwed. i do have a backup pc, just in case, but i'm almost as lazy about bringing that out. what i'd like to do instead of just investing in a new os is invest in a newer, faster computer altogether. i have the extra check coming from the irs but i've kinda earmarked it for a new tv. i got a little embarrassed when the kid across the street came in & said, 'man, you've got a little tv'. its not little...its a 2001 floor model but its a dinosaur in this age of huge flat screens.
speaking of tv & dinosaurs, have you heard the news about the high school teenagers that made a pact to get pregnant & raise their babies together? talk about the dinosaur ages. i thought we'd come a long way but all this time we've been trying to teach girls to wait to have babies & now they make pacts to start younger. who the hell is raising these kids? morons? one of them as young as 14. in the dinosaur ages that was fine. they didn't live to be more than what? 30? some of them using a 24/25 year old homeless guy to get them pregnant. some of them need to have their asses spanked. (which he may have done just before doing the deed) now they claim it wasn't a pact since the media picked up on it & broadcasted their ignorance across the nation. so many people out there wanting babies & not being able to have them i'm kind of leaning towards taking their newborns from their stupid asses & putting them into loving, responsible homes & the stupid girls in reformitories to get their heads straightened out. babies raising babies just doesn't make sense to me. wonder how far into this they'll realize what a mistake they've made? i saw one of the girls being interviewed on tv with her boyfriend & they actually commended her for her decision. encouraging these girls is the worst mistake to make. i have a few granddaughters out there that i don't want to see this as a cool way to start their lives off. how in the hell are we supposed to teach them the natural order of things if the media makes like these kids are heros or something? i mean, if they were jumping off buildings would we want our kids to jump off buildings too?
i know, i sound like my grandmother. but now that i'm a grandmother & think about it.. grandma really didn't sound all that stupid.


Walker said...

I have 11 TVs and don;t watch any. I have inherited everyone tv when they upgraded to LCDs.
I figure now to sell 6 of them and get my LCD for free lol

I also have 5 computers and thats by choice given the amount of time i spend on the computer.

Just don't install VISTA, it's a dog.

Walker said...

I stopped in to wish you a Happy Fourth Of July

Tammi said...

OOOowwwweeee.....don't I know what you mean?
When I was in school,we used to think "CRrrrap,so-in-so got knocked up? Awww man,her future looks pretty F'D up,huh"?
And now their making pacts and TRYING to get pregnant like as if life isn't hard enough as it is.
Wow!We got slapped for just THINKING about sex!