Friday, August 15, 2008

Weekend Woes & Highs

i'm not getting my boy this weekend. his daddy is taking him hunting for crying out loud. i'm not really happy about this but theres not much i can do about it. sonny has been talking about this day since jammer was born. i wanted him to wait till he was 8 but sonny insisted he'd be old enough to start teaching when he was 5. i'm hoping jammer is too wiggly & talkative for this to continue. just my luck he'll turn out to be an excellent hunting buddy. both jammer & sonny are really excited about this weekend. its squirrel opening & sonny has been ready for it for about a week. he loves to hunt & helps to compensate their food supply for the year. they do eat everything he kills. for the most part they love the stuff. the kids love deer meat & sonny loves to experiment with recipes to make it taste better. i've never been much for the gamey taste. once when sonny's daddy was alive i went hunting with him. i made too much noise & found myself staring down the barrel of a gun. he told me if i didn't try to be more quiet he was gonna blow my head off. i thought he was really gonna do it when i shooed a deer off after we tracked him for about an hour. slick, sonny's daddy, was all ready to shoot that big ass buck when i yelled for him to run, shoo, run deer run!!!! i just love animals & didn't have the heart to stand & watch it get shot. slick took me home at a run & never asked me to go hunting with him again. think of all the deers i could have saved. he did wind up finding that deer later & took him down. he had the head mounted & it hangs in sonny's house to this day. it was a small buck, only 8 points but it was the biggest one he had taken at that point. he was so proud of that head & told the story over & over about how i scared him away but he still got him in the end. stupid buck.
so how do you all like the new blogger face? i've got so much to get used to with the new xp that blogger doesn't make much difference to me. i'm still finding the different add-ins to download so i haven't had much time to get into the xp. i've got plenty of time though so i'm not worried.
i haven't forgotten i promised pics of our graduation party. nipper still hasn't sent them to me. as soon as i get them i'll share them with you. i have some funny stories to tell about the night too so stay tuned. hopefully she'll get around to it this weekend.
oh, i almost forgot to tell you. i get the twins this weekend. i know you haven't heard much about them but thats because mojo hasn't allowed me to have them since christmas. i finally insulted her to the point that she responded & thats all i needed for an in. i'll be taking pics of them too. i can't wait to see how they've grown. you'll be seeing that too.
i'm gonna go watch wrestling now. pray for hubby. you know how i get.


Tammi said...

I think jammer is gona find all the walking and having to sit still etc...a HUGE BORE! It may even totally turn him against hunting altogether.I know jams is a smart kiddo,but the attention span at that age is pretty short when it comes to boring
My sides are splitting I'm laughing so hard thinking about you out there after hours of waiting to get that perfect deer and you shoo the sucker off prolly right when he had his scope honed in on the sucker.(HUGE HA HA HA)
On the serious tip...I've also stared down the barrel of a gun,and there's NOTHING to compare THAT feeling too.Especially when shooting the wife was what his closest brother did,and his other brother beat up the District Attorney with a pipe....anyways,my point is,that feeling that he might even accidently pull that trigger freaked me out.I bet your were JUST AS GLAD as he was to go home,huh?
I DO think Daddy could have waited a few years on lil jammer to drag him thru the woods.
On the flip side,Lin,at least he wants to spend time with his child.That's more than my 2 daughters could say at that age.
So I have to give Dad props for being a Dad.

Anonymous said...

Awww I'm with you.. 5 years old is a bit young to be messing with guns. It's also a shame that he'll be seeing animals get shot. Hopefully he's picked up on your sensitive caring animal loving side and he'll hate it.

Walker said...

I think thats to young tp be taken out for hinting. I was brought out when i was 12 and i wasn't much into it.
Later on in life when i went ut with friends I found it a waste of time and money not to mention taste buds because i didnt care for the taste of the gamy meat.
Like you i find killing animals a wate when i could go to the market and kill what i want with my debt card.

Tammi said...

Just checking back in to see if you've updated?
Do I need to send out the search party?
OK OK---I won't stress you.Just being nosey.LOL

Tammi said...

Oh crud,I almost forgot.Did you read this?I know how you are about animal rights...but check THIS out Lin