Saturday, August 09, 2008

Welcome to XP Professional

i did it. i researched everything i could find on the internet before i started. google was my best friend for a week before i even attempted this. i first checked the upgrade advisor & it gave me no problems to be found. i cleaned out all my temp files, cache & history. deleted all programs i didn't want & lost all my saved emails that i no longer had any use for. the last thing i ran was scandisk then defrag. i backed up everything to my 2nd hard drive. that was all good. i popped the xp cd in & booted to begin the process of my task. introduce a new operating into my calm world of old friendly windows. i expected it to ask me what drive i wanted to save it to but it didn't. then the stupid that i am freaked when it asked me what i wanted to do so i made the mistake of upgrading instead of clean install. no matter, i could always undo it & revert back to my old faithful. windows 98se. my precious. it automatically started downloading & i really had no idea where it was going. course, i didn't realize what i'd done until it was all installed. afterwards i was able to start my computer & the screen asked me what system i wanted to open. so i choose xp to check it out. i didn't have any programs on it yet but it was cool to know it was there. strange to me cos i would have thought doing an upgrade would just add xp to my original c drive with all my programs & stuff right there where i left them. when i opened 'my computer' there were new files everywhere & my programs were there. cool, nothing was lost. then i thought 'oh, i have to use the transfer files & documents first'. thats why my programs aren't there. it was about 2 am so i quit for the night. my brain was tired & i went to bed. it all ran fine for the first few days but i was working on another computer for a friend & i had honey calling several times a day wanting to know how she did things on her new found internet so i was trying to answer her too. which is part of why i screwed up my install in the first place. damn me, why didn't i wait till i had taught her everything she needed to know before i attempted this? she was on the phone at the same time trying to get answers about her keyboard that was fucking up on her while i was instructing the cd rom to send this alien program into my nice comfortable world of home away from home. i finally pissed her off cos i told her i couldn't concentrate & i really wanted to get me up & running first. multitasking i can do. i mean what woman can't carry a kid on one hip, talk on the phone, eat lunch while she cooks dinner for the evening all at the same time but this was getting ridiculous. and multitasking while installing xp is one of the dumbest things you can ever attempt. its like trying to do major surgery while you rearrange your house during a hurricane. everything & anything can happen so fast you feel like your spinning out of control. not to mention my menapause was kicking in, big time, i had the hot sweats going on like you wouldn't believe. to be honest i couldn't believe it all worked out so flawlessly. notice how i throw flawlessly in there so casual like. i was on a special high, folks. i've fucked with 98se so much that i know it inside & out. theres nothing i can't figure out on my windows but now we're into a whole new enemy. xp professional. they don't call it professional for nothing. this bitch can outsmart the GRAND MASTER POOBAH & NOTRADAMUS all at the same time.
i'm sorry to cut this short but time, again, has become an enemy & its 2 am. i have a graduation party to go to tomorrow & i have to get some sleep.
dum, dum, dum!!!! to be continued.


Walker said...

I am sitting here rtight now installing xp pro on three computers because they had bootleg copies and I have a mulit use licence version.
Works out good for me cuz I charge 100 a pop to install ;)

XP Pro is their best one for now with all the bugs worked aout of it.
It does know what to do before you do LOL

Lindy said...

Yeah, but its smarter than I am. Kinda scares me, you know? I'm still working to conquer it, though. I'm a stubborn bitch.