Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Everyone Loves Me

i told you i'd show you pics of the twins. i got to see them on a weekend that i didn't have jammer & ix though. they were all sorry they couldn't spend time together but we all have to do what we can for now. at least i got to spend some time with them & let them know that we've missed them & how much we love them. keeping that door open is the most important thing for now. they are growing up way too quick

& i don't want to miss any more of their growing up than i have to. i wish we all lived closer but thats not gonna happen either. so for now i'll settle with whatever i can get. i'm telling you they couldn't hug me enough & if i heard 'i love you, memaw' once i heard it zillion times that weekend. they just can't love me enough. aren't they beautiful? i took hundreds of pics over the weekend & started cutting them down as soon as i got a chance so i could post them. of the last 3 weeks i've put together my computer, honey had messed up their computer so i worked on it for sonny & i have a friend at work that received games for for christmas but had no pc to play them on so i put one together for her too. i'm taking it to her tomorrow & i'm pretty excited to surprise her.

its not much. its an old workstation computer, it has a pentium processor & 64mb of memory. so, its enough for what she needs it for. the tower was empty except for a motherboard & power system & i scabbed the rest together out of parts i had hanging around. i've done this several times & i have no more towers to work with so she'll be the last one i can give a pc to but the ones i've given away has always been for a needy cause. mostly kids in the neighborhood that would've never had one. i got most of the towers from our it department at work. old workstations that were outdated. they stripped them & was throwing them out so i asked if i could take them off their hands. they were glad to get rid of them & i've used every one of them to make some kid happy. except this last one & i think my friends surprise will be the topping on my cake. my motto: nothing goes to waste.


Walker said...

I know what you mean about taking what you could get.
I see mine once in a while but i love it every time and how can you get to much of il love you.

I have done alot of computer giving myself.
I keep all the old computers I upgrade and the parts and when someone needs one i throw it together and hand it over.
I have been known to drag a few out of the garbage and bring home to.
I have found many people just toss their old ones when they get a new one and I scavange the parts from those to.
I am sure your friend will be more than happy with your surprise

Anonymous said...

They're cute.. glad to hear you've been able to have a good time with them.

letti said...

hiya lindy, thanks for dropping by. I really appreciate everyone who drops by and shares their own experiences. This being the first time is just totally mind blowing to the hubs and myself, so it is really heartening when there are those like yourself who care and take the time to offer little anecdotes and REAL LIFE experience and not stuff in books that scare the crap out of you. LOL.

Oh, and the twins are just precious!!!!!