Sunday, August 10, 2008

XP & The Twilight Zone

for starters, i just realized something. son of a bitch!! the first thing to always remember is REMOVE ANY DISK INSERTED before you start freaking out about the way your computer is acting. stupid, stupid, stupid. now i just need to remember if i put something on this disk or was i gonna put something on this disk & forgot to?
i think i left off with something like 'the next few days everything ran perfectly on this new xp install'. one thing i'd like to point out to you: i never had time to get on the pc for the next few days. hubby signed on & carried on where i left off. (do you see the mistake here?) which was the point of creating user names & passwords. things like administrator names & computer names. important things. almost as important as the fucking operating system itself. he wrote down what he thought was important but when i sat down to sign in, nothing worked. imagine that?? (read sarcasm there, please) i cussed the computer, i cussed the operating system, i cussed the computer gods, i cussed the logins then i fucking cussed him. i never have figured out the sign in names but no worries!!!. yeah, don't you love it? before i got that error message resolved i got more error messages. i was missing a library file named 'hal.dll' that was actually a system root file. (which is what i think i saved on the disk, i hope..) but even better than that? the last error messages was a group (group, people, group!!) of 3 error messages consisting of 1. computer disk hardware configuration problem 2. could not read from the selected boot disk & 3. please check hardware configuration & reference manuals. HELLO? CAN I HAVE ONE PROBLEM AT A TIME? no, obviously, not my luck!!!! back to my old friend google & away i go. i've figured out the 3 group error thingy. i edited the boot.ini file to fix that & now i'm back to the hal.dll file but i still haven't figured out that fix yet. i decided to clue you in on my progress first. its not like i've had all day to work on this though. like i said last night i had a graduation party to attend. which was a lot more fun than working on this computer. after i finish with this thing i'll post about the party cos it was really a lot of fun. and i got lots of pics that you'll love.
now, i'm looking at 2 am again & i absolutely need to go to bed. i have a few things i have to take care of first tomorrow & then i'll get back to this bitch of an error situation. hopefully the next time you hear from me i'll have all this sorted.
cross your fingers, legs, arms & heart that it goes well but don't cross your eyes cos momma always warned that they may stick like that!!


Tammi said...

I spent the firstbat least 3 years or so,just learning everything I could about computer stuff.Troubleshooting things and I learned so much from message boards.I'm still no computer guru,but I'm waaay better off now than I was when I bought my 1st system.There used to be a TV Show called Screensavers and Call for Help...and I was friggin addicted to those shows,and wore out their message boards...but there are many boards that have genius's on them that could tell you EXACTLY what to do and THEN SOME.
So....shouldn't that mean I could offer you some advice or a fix? Awwww HELL NO.Your my friend,hun.I wouldn't want to fry your system(giggle)

Lindy said...

Thanks for the advise. I'm sure Computing.Net is tired of me. I feel like we're old friends now. But I still like conquering these things myself.