Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Waaahhh, Crybaby At Large

sorry for the awol!! i'm still here just been really busy. i've had a few more dr's appointments. honestly, i'm gonna quit going to him. everytime i walk in his office he finds something else wrong with me & wants to add another med to the list. i think he's paying me back for beating him at the diabetes game. i've lost almost 30 pounds & my blood sugar is reading fine now. he's decided i have high cholesterol & hypertension. he's put me on lisinopril for the hypertension & wants me to start taking simcor for the cholesterol. funny how i can take the lisinopril when its not supposed to be taken by diabetics. you'd think if i was prediabetic before i'd still be considered prediabetic even if i have the sugar count down? i'm gonna fight him on these things too. i have started taking the lisinopril & i'll take it till my blood pressure goes down & i'll probably do the same with the simcor. after i get all that down though, i'm gonna go off the meds & try to control everything with a healthy lifestyle. i'd fight him on it from the get go but i don't want to have a heart attack cos i was too stubborn to work with him. if it takes at least 6 weeks to get cholesterol down i'm afraid that might be pushing my luck. i think he gets a kickback from the drug companies if he makes me take their drugs. who are we to question them? what the heck do i know about doctoring? hell, the only thing i know about birthing babies is how to push!!
i have been reading you all. i've just skipped posting with my wahwahs. anyway, i'm still here & i'll be back sooner the next time. until then, miss me!


Anonymous said...

Lindy, that's awesome news about the 30lbs. Well done you!

Walker said...

30 pounds is HUGE WTG!!!!!!

You must feel like a million bucks already.