Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Stupidity 101

schools have hundreds of kids to look after. i'm totally aware of this. i sympathize with them for this. it has to be hard to keep up with an unruly bunch of kids yelling, laughing & chasing after each other. but when they do a bus evacuation drill i would expect the bus drivers, teachers & older students to be especially aware of where the kids are & where they end up. not to lose kids seems to be a reasonable thing to expect out of them. if i put my kids on a bus & trust you to take them to a designated place you better bet your sweet ass that i expect you to get them there without misplacing them. wonder why i'm ranting about this? guess! oh yeah, you know it!! the assholes lost my baby boy. for 3 hours!!! then called home to find out why he wasn't at school. they finally found him in another classroom where the teacher hadn't even noticed she had an extra kid. i've got to ask how stupid are these people? he's 5 & nobody knew where he was. thank god he turned up safe & sound but believe me it doesn't give me much faith in his school.


Anonymous said...

I know accidents are human but that is one that should NEVER happen because it's down to complete lack of organisation. I don't blame you for being furious.

Persnickety Ticker said...

Welcome to the club! My daughter's school has lost her a couple of times.

Those people now cringe when they see me coming.

Walker said...

There is no excuse for that to eve happen. I know people can get preoccupied ut not when it involves children.
The other day in the paper it had a city us driver who was suspended ecause he threw out a woman and drove off with her bay in its strolloer