Thursday, October 23, 2008

Deadly Cocktails Anyone?

i don't think i mentioned that the lisinopril i'm taking is a derivitive of snake venom? cos i'm sure if i had you would be freaking out just like me. i didn't know that until after i'd taken it for a week. i haven't had any of the symptoms of the snake venom except the fatigue & the racing heart thingy a few times. most people have reactions almost immediately so i think i'm fairly safe to take it for awhile. like i said though, i don't plan on taking it indefinitely & i don't care what a thousand doctors say. speaking of what doctors say, wouldn't you think they'd give you some indication of what the fuck is in the drugs they prescribe for you? i mean, i'm fairly certain i'm allergic to snake bites. i've never been bitten by a snake & i don't plan on ever being but he could have, at least, asked if i'd ever been bite by a snake & did i have an allergic reaction? that might have been important!
i'm almost afraid to look up simcor. god only knows what its made from. recluse spider venom? nothing surprises me anymore. i've had half a century to adapt.


Just telling it like it is said...

I hear that snake venom can actually make you feel better if you are a Inuit from New Guinea. They say that it makes you feel high or for the lisinopril I hear that it fights with your liver so that it will not make any more may be able to box your own liver to stop making the cholesterol..good luck..p. s. I am not really a nut stopping by from Walkers blog!;)

Walker said...

I am sure that some poisons would be good for some things and it probably isn;t as dramitic in pill form and opposed to getting the snake to bite you.