Thursday, December 11, 2008

Chains For Safety

you know, its way too early to be this cold. although, the cold i can handle. its the snow that puts me in a tizzy. no, thats not true, its the freezing snow that puts me in a tizzy. it does things to my heart. like unnatural palpatations & irregular beating. when i get in my car to make that hour drive to work & my tires aren't whats turning my car...i start freaking. i have way too many hills & curves to negotiate to not have traction. what ever happened to global warming? i thought by now we were supposed to have florida weather & our weather was supposed to have moved up towards canada. i think someone misfigured. or when they took our aerosol canned goods away it also changed the path that global warming was supposed to take. damn ecologists. no, i shouldn't joke about global warming. its a serious problem & we should do everything we can to prevent it from happening. but have you read that in the latest findings the changes in the way land is used could contribute to global warming as well? seriously, every change we make, whether its for the good of the people or the good of the land, seems to be contributing to global warming. or have some detrimental effect on the earth. people, i think we're just screwed. and i know when it comes to driving in the snow, i, in particular, am screwed to the fullest extent of screwdom. you see, i've spent my entire life being convinced i'll die in a car accident. i've had nightmares about this. i've had one recurring nightmare of my car flying through the air in slow motion in a circular motion but i never land. they say if you die in your dreams you die for real. thats why my car never lands. cos i'm still alive but the dream is so real i've accepted that is my fate. i'm probably gonna fly off one of the hills i drive during a snow storm & my car is gonna twist in the air until i land & thats what will kill me. the landing. i think i'm losing my grip. see thats what winter does to me. it makes me freak out over the stupidest things. this weekend i'm taking my car to sonny for some winterization maintainance. i wish they still allowed chains on tires. i'd feel alot safer if i had a chain on my tire to drive in the snow. did they outlaw those or did someone just tell me they outlawed them? i remember when i was a kid seeing cars with chains on the tires but i haven't seen them in years. i'm gonna have to research that. i know studs are only allowed during certain months but i really don't know about chains. maybe i don't have to die in a winter car wreak after all.


Anonymous said...

Is moving closer to work an option so you don't have to go through the worry of having an accident all the time? I know it's not much comfort but if you're driving around worry about it like that you'll probably be the one to cause the accident.

Walker said...

I know chains are illeagal here unless you are on your way to jail or you are related to Scrooge.

Here now they make us use snow tire in the winter and if you don;t have any they fine you and tow the car away.
The weather is getting colder and Florida is sup[posed to be here not there LOL

Just drive safe and if you are meant to die in a car accident it will be when you;re 100