Sunday, December 14, 2008

Visions Of Sugarplums Danced In Their Heads

sonny kept the kids this weekend. they are supposed to take them to 'breakfast with santa' & have their pictures taken with him. hubby & i are taking bets on it. i hate to be so negative but usually the plans with the kids get blown off for what ever the fuck else comes up for sonny or honey. its usually honey & her agoraphobic hangups. she doesn't really suffer from this. she's really just a bitch & this is her way of getting what she wants. if she doesn't want to go someplace she uses this but by golly if she wants to do something theres no phobia mentioned to be worried about. not to mention, she's never had an attack of any kind. she just spouts the agoraphobia when she doesn't want to do something. when it comes to visiting her parents or a friend she's fine. correct me if i'm wrong but panic attacks don't disappear cos its something you want to do. either you can or you can't leave the house. right? i remember seeing a movie once that everytime the person tried to leave their house the walls started closing in on them, the floor pitched & they got so sick to their stomach they passed out. to me, thats agoraphobia. as a matter of fact, lately the phobia hasn't been spouted so much as now she has seizures. another condition that only she knows about. nobody has ever seen her have one but after knowing her for 6 & a half years 'oh, yeah, i suffer from seizures'. oh yeah, she suffers from assholitis is my opinion.
sonny is no angel in this department, either. his big thing is everytime he does take honey anywhere she shows her ass so he'd rather avoid the situation by blowing off what ever they've promised the kids. for instance, they took the kids to the zoo one day while i was working. on the way to my office two women were checking sonny out as they were coming through the parking lot & honey started yelling across the lot at the women about why they were checking out her man. one of my coworkers hearing this going on said to me, 'she asked them if they wanted to take a picture so it would last longer & then she'd break their heads with the camera'. i was horrified & glad they decided to turn around & go home. another time they went to a fair & sonny ran into some kids he had attended high school with & she created a scene over the girls in the group. again instead of ignoring her sonny packed them all up & took them home. can you imagine being a kid that finally got to go to the county fair after being promised for weeks they would, actually pulling up, getting out of the car thinking 'oh yeah, we are here, what could go wrong now & then nope. mommy showed her ass again & we're going home.
we took the car to sonny today & yep, they didn't make it to breakfast with santa. turned out sonnys partner showed up last night with a couple bottles & they got drunk instead. i said to sonny, 'you what? sonny you have 365 days out of the year to party with your friends & you can't take ONE day off to do something with your kids that you promised them to do? you two suck as parents'. 'so, is there another day that you can have breakfast & take pictures with santie'. he didn't know but promised they'd come through if there was another chance. yeah, when hell freezes over. i guess its up to hubby & i again. i wish i'd had the kids this weekend. today it got up in the 50's & would have been a great night to take them to santa's village at the zoo. we've got the only pics taken of them with santa & i guess thats the way its gonna be for the rest of their lives. if they get to do anything memaw & pappaw will take them. and we don't fuck around!


Tammi said...

I hear ya Mee-Maw!!!
You tell it like it is sister-girrrrl!!!
You got me rolling in the floor when you said "asshole-itus"!!hahaha
I'm sorry,I shouldn't be laughing,cuz I know it really disappoints the kiddo's...but at least they have you and your other half to count on.
So F***-Em' and her so-called mental illnesses.That reminds me...I have a sister that's driving my mother for real insane calling her with a new mental illness when it serves HER purpose too!! Holiday gathersing she's just started this thing about being around too many people will cause her to go into a panic attack...and she claimed to haer voices a few months ago,NOW her latest one about 2 weeks ago is cutting herself (self mutilation)..
I'm sorry Lin,but she NEVER had this shit growing's getting her so much negative attention from strangers it's unreal.
There are people with serious mental illnesses,and we BOTH know that...but they don't go around bragging about it.
You keep being there for those babies cuz when their grown or maybe even if something happens and you accidently get old or something,then the baby-dolls may be taking care of you.(grin)

Tammi said...

I can't get over the NERVE of them...sorry,I'm starting to get on my hi-horse short
again..I say F*** em"!

Tammi said...

hey hey...
I cant believe yesterday I was cussing them out...LOL..
The people letting the baby-dols down that is!!
As you could see I have the same issues with my "self proclaimed mentally ill" sister...good grief if she read this she would be calling me saying I threw her into a breakdown.
I wonder why this sort of thing never happened until the last year or 2??

Lindy said...

Seriously Tammi, this chic also has the self mutulation thing going on. She has 13 holes in each ear cos she was bored & pushed pins through to hurt herself. I know this is all about attention & the worst thing is she has taught her daughter to get attention in the worst ways too. I just hope we can teach Dom to be more normal. You know?

Walker said...

AShe's just a lazy ass wench who only cares for hersellf.
I have a SIL like that but her thing is she is dieing.
We all are but she's lingering to long
Maybe we can send Tammi over to set her straight ;)

Tammi said...

Walker is a nut,huh?LOL
Ohh yea,I'll go set her straight..I did my sister a few years ago,BEFORE her mental illnesses began.I stumble across her pix with the bruises and black eye and I still don't feel guilty.I TOLD her to stop giving out my telephone number to strangers on my daughters computer...we had a face off over these dudes(strangers) calling constantly,and SHE hit me first and yes,I tore her ass up.Had to literally stop myself before I snuffed her lights out.
The last arguement we had,I was talking with my hands and she jumped back like a badly beaten stepchild and said "Oh what R U gona do,Beat me again"?!