Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Surfing Without A Net

good evening friends. i am happily coming to you without my internet service provider. and you know it is wayyy faster. i surf the net occasionally just to see what new technology is out there. one of the things that always pissed me off was my isp would disconnect me after 4 hours. if you pay for the service i don't think they should take the liberty to decide when you should get off their bandwidth. i used the free internet at first but then, when i realized i wanted to be online for more than 10 hours a month, i upgraded. i didn't take advantage of them. i never went over the allotted time. if they didn't want me to use their damn bandwidth they shouldn't have taken me as a customer. (i'm sorry but the damn link won't work in this post & i don't know what i'm doing wrong. so if you click the title up there maybe that'll work.) their homepage always had all these flashing advertisements that crippled the shit out of my pc. i could click a link & walk away for 10 minutes & still not see the site. i never actually timed that so i may be exaggerating a little. sometimes i get pretty impatient waiting so it seemed like forever, though. i've been thinking about eliminating their dialup software since i found the site & have been putting it off. till tonight when my homepage froze almost immediately. that was the straw that broke this bitchs back. i'd had all i was gonna take of all that stupid useless advertisement. who wants a dancing fucking spiderman & flashing netflix crap tying up their computer? not me, for sure! i've got too many cool things to do to bother with freezing pages & having to do the 3 finger salute to get my pc going again every few minutes. so now, i just sign in through my internet connection which i sent a shortcut to my desktop for & i'm a much happier surfer. you can bet i'm gonna share this with all my friends. they already think i'm a computer goddess & this will just confirm their assumptions. we, the poor people, must stick together in screwing the big corporate asshats that think they can outsmart us.


Walker said...

I abuse my ISP LOL
They went down once and I called them up and made thm feel so back they sent me a new 19 inch LCD Dell monitor.
They went down for three days and I was so pissed they sent me a brand new HP computer with a 15 inch LCD monitor.
I'm shooting for a car next time.

THe one thing of theirs i dont take is their software because ist slows the shit out of everything i try to open.

Lindy said...

Amen brother. How do I get a new monitor & tv? Just how abusive were you? I need details cos these people are pissing me off, BIG TIME!